The cut option is grayed out

I just opened my glowforge today. Spent close to 5 hours to cut an image but I seem to be having some issues. I uploaded a svg file. Unfortunately the cut option is grayed out saying bitmaps can be engraved. Can anyone guide me how I can convert my image so they can be cut. Thanks!

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Welcome to the forum. Have you worked through the tutorials?

Cuts and scores must be vectors. As the interface says, bitmap images are only engraveable. You can use the outline tool to place an outline around your work which will then cut. SVG files are container files that can include both vectors and raster images. Just using an SVG file does not guarantee a cut or score line.

What design software are you using?


Or use the trace feature to convert the bitmap, Illustrator converts bitmaps pretty good. can you post the image ?


Congrats on your new GF! I still remember my first day, and I’m so excited for you; you’re at the start of a great journey. :blush:

The GF is easy to operate compared to other lasers, but there’s still a steep learning curve to understand how to get the most out of your machine. I’m a jump both feet in before looking where I’ll land kind of gal, but I strongly encourage you to read all the official safety and cleaning info, because lasering the wrong material can be very dangerous, and you’ll see some unofficial cleaning “tips” out there that will damage your machine.

Now that the obligatory safety talk is done, here’s a good link to help you get started. (I’d suggest looking at the “learn by doing” section first.)

This is REALLY good, and is specific to your question.

And I really like this explanation of what each setting does. Even if you plan on starting with the auto settings, it’s important to understand what the settings do and how they impact things.


Did you make the gift of good measure? I’d make that first! :slight_smile:

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