The daily rant: words of encouragement, humor, birthday wishes, etc



Hey, it’s becoming physically difficult to laugh for me, and I make noises that sound like I am having trouble breathing. I am now exhausted, and got my wife in to check on me, but am still smiling. Thanks for the much needed lift!

Edit, I just realized that the post I was replying to was from the end of March,so I should have mentioned the subject: it was the How to give your cat a pill one.


For the record, this will also work for most humans.


Hey Bill, I’m so glad to see you checking in again. ( And sorry for the wheeze fest! that one makes me guffaw too.) :smile:

Keep in touch a little more if you can. (You’ve got a dictation setup going, don’t you? I wanted to see how it was working out, I was looking to find something similar for my mom.)



Real reason dinosaurs went extinct…


Here’s an interesting thing I saw this morning:


That was interesting! I tried those Vibram five fingers once, wore them for too long the first day, and decided that the calf pain the next day just wasn’t worth it. :persevere:


pure silliness!:smiley:


That was fascinating! Can’t say if I’ve ever given one thought to the notion that there are two definite ways of walking. I’m going to see if I can practice that, just for the fun of it. And if I’m in public and someone spots me and wonders if I’ve got a screw loose…:rofl:


Here’s a fun thing I just ran across:


A guy was admitted to the hospital with 8 plastic horses in his stomach.
His condition is listed as stable.


Why did Captain Hook cross the street? To get to the second-hand store.


Happy Friday, all!



Hey @marmak3261, we missed your birthday yesterday!

:musical_note:Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday dear @marmak3261,
happy birthday to you! And many more… :notes:

Edit: heh. Looks like it was only me that forgot it. Just saw the thread on Cakeday. Have fun where you are!


:musical_note:Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday dear @bhspalinger,
happy birthday to you! And many more… :notes:


Happy, Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday! :grinning::birthday::ice_cream::lollipop::candy::clinking_glasses::champagne:


Just stumbled onto this…




Heh. I always thought it was supposed to be a banjo. Or was it bagpipes?