The Gift of Good Measure, and Proofgrade settings changes coming - 10/16/17 Latest Improvements

@cynd11 that looks really neat! I assume that is just an adhesive veneer you put on top of the draft board? Did you need to do anything special like mask it or use special settings on the GF?

Thank you!

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Yes, it’s a thin polyester adhesive backed material (different from the usual vinyls which contain PVC/chlorine and should not be used). Since the Oracal 352 is a polyester film it’s okay to laser. I peeled the backing off the film and burnished it down to the Draftboard before cutting. I’ve tried it with and without masking. If you leave off the masking, it cuts fine (with no change in cutting settings vs standard Draftboard) but the surface gets a little gummy from cutting residue. You can clean it off with alcohol. Or mask with a low to medium tack masking (this extra layer might require a slight adjustment in settings, either slower or higher power).


I just checked the interface and grabbed this screenshot for others to see as well…

I put a red box around the “Medium Clear Acrylic” on the image. You can click that and it will bring up a menu of choices to select based on the Proofgrade materials.

Yeah, the button changes depending on what you are cutting, or what choice you have selected. The popup initially shows your most recently used materials in the list, but you can use the “find your material” slot there in the popup to find other selections/thicknesses of materials.