The Gift of Good Measure, and Proofgrade settings changes coming - 10/16/17 Latest Improvements

So here’s mine; I applied Oracal 352 polyester gold film to Draftboard before cutting. Gives it a nice metallic sheen:


Oh man…you had to go and bling it! (I’m not going to be able to afford all the side supplies from seeing what you guys do to the simplest of things…) :smile:


This makes a perfect accessory for my ID holder, which is also available in the design catalog.



So being just a little CDO, I did a few out of PG Acrylic (clear & black). (I like the clear better.) They kerf adjusted the holes :slight_smile: Well at least to my calipers they’re correct. Didn’t want to be drawing no 1/2" holes that were really .493" in diameter :smile:


Indeed…ha ha! :+1:

Love that! I’ve not made mine, yet…looking at all the neat ideas, first.

Where’s the one in full metric?


Love this! Clear would make it easier to use for me. I do like the suggestion of reversing text and using it upside down to eliminate parallax while measuring. Is there a metric version (@rpegg )?

Doubles as a comb for short hair. :wink:

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i printed a few today but i would realy like an inverse version so that it works as an acrylic ruler

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Is there a way to personalize the Gift of Good Measure Keychain? Or a way to download the SVG file so we can edit it? My husband would like to give this as a gift with his buddies call signs.

Depends on how you want to alter it. If you want to simply add a name on it somewhere, you can load the GF file, then once on the main screen use the Add button to…add another file with the call sign in it(or signs and move them about after duplicating the measure a few times) and cut. If you’re looking to alter it in other ways, let us know in what way you’re looking to do so.

Thanks for the reply, based on the size he was thinking it would be easy to replace the words Glow forge and replace with call sign.

Hmmmmm…well, on my phone, I can’t seperate that element. Maybe someone on a desktop can check. On my phone it’s fully locked together. A neat trick to maintain alignment but it doesn’t happen when I input patterns.

Yes, The are several layers, but the part that has the Glowforge is locked as one layer. Is there a desk top version, I am using the web page for editing and printing,

Sorry. There’s only the web version. I was thinking maybe a difference between how a desktop computer can interact with it vs how a handheld phone interacts with it via only touch screen.

Got it thanks

@rpegg how did you “select black acrylic”?

I have some Inventables 2-color acrylic but haven’t tried it yet and am not sure how you select product type in the GF app. So far I’ve only used my proofgrade and at the moment I’m being snowed in so I cannot use my GF!!

Thank you!!

Hey Sal, Glowforge sells a black acrylic Proofgrade, so they have the Proofgrade settings for it in the dropdown menu…just click on the Unknown Materials button at the top of the left column, then use the search bar for “black acrylic”. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you @jules! I haven’t tried the unknown materials settings yet and assumed that if it wasn’t proofgrade with the qr code that you had to set things manually. I’ll give it a try!