The Gift of Good Measure, and Proofgrade settings changes coming - 10/16/17 Latest Improvements



I have one of these on my keychain - they’re pretty cool. :slight_smile:


If anyone happens to have a photo of one, I’d like to see it. :slight_smile:


No picture of the Gift of Good Measure? :wink:


Found it and did a screen shot on my iPad; hope it’s okay to post, please remove if not.

And, thanks! Looks like fun.


Oh that’s cute as a bug! I’m gonna print me one of those! :grinning:


Oh, I suppose…


Oh, I know what I’ll cut one from. Wait until I get home.


What I want to know is, can I use it to measure the right amount of spaghetti?

Pasghetti Measurator

Good change to the proofgrade settings. On a lot of them, light and dark pretty much looked the same. I prefer words. :slight_smile:


For those who prefer a sense of scale for an actual keychain to an actual set of keys and the physical built-in ruler isn’t good enough, you’re lucky I just brewed a pot of coffee at 9pm…


Hmm, not showing up for me… maybe the script to add it to Founder’s catalogs is still churning?


No kidding… I was always clicking back and forth, trying to figure out which was the dark/light one. Good improvement!


Really? A single 5mm hole? What, the 3/16th hole got the day off or something?!

Seriously, though: It looks pretty. Mostly. :slight_smile:


Looks like maybe that would be a diet portion. :smile:


I thought they measured it before they put it in the bag. Oops!


@Rita, would it be possible to post this here? For some reason, my GUFI is not populating it even after exiting and reentering. Perhaps due to my PRU status?

Anyway, very nice design.


Scroll all the way to the very beginning. It’s near the original Founders Ruler.


Oh man. Oh man oh man oh man.

I wanted to print something more complex than the founder ruler when I got my glowforge. This will work perfect!!


Not for me: