The Glowforge bed image is smaller than my material

I have a 20x12 art-board created in AI, within that art-board I have a rounded rectangle layout that is 14x11. I will be engraving items onto a 14x11 cutting board. When I add this artwork to the Glowforge it is nowhere near the size of the board that I have in the machine. The machine is registering the board in the machine as a 12 x 9.5 inch piece of material and it is not. The imported svg is showing the correct size (14x11) as shown in the picture below.

So how do I keep from resizing my svg file once uploaded to the GF? Clicking the Set Focus option generates an error as seen in the picture below. Refreshing the web page and restarting the GF changes nothing. Refreshing the bed image has no effect either.

This material is 1.6 inches thick and I am using this with the tray removed.

Anyone have any suggestions?
Thanks in advance


What did you set your height at? or did you use the “Set Focus” tool?

Set Focus generates an error. Entering any value has no effect. I have tried 1.6, .10, etc. Nothing changes.

If your item is 1.6" thick you’re going to need to raise it at least .8" because it has to be within .5" of the lens to be cut correctly (most trays are about 1.37" tall)

Until you’ve got the focus set correctly what you’re seeing in the image is going to be off - so raise the board first, then use Set Focus, then check your sizes!

Ne’er mind, I’m an idjit :stuck_out_tongue:


If the tray is 1.37" and it is removed and replaced by an object 1.6 inches, isn’t it within range since it is equivalent to an item .23" sitting on top of the 1.37 honeycomb tray.

I think your math is wrong.

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What is the error that it’s generating?

Then I should just be able to use the tray for this 1.6" item correct?

The error shown in the third picture.

Sorry you’re correct. I was thinking 2.37"!

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Try something - enter in a material - whatever (PG Maple), then try Set Focus…maybe it needs a push in the right direction?

I see this error alot when the material it is shooting the laser for the set focus on is either reflective a bit or is too dark. Try putting a piece of light colored paper or masking in an area that won’t be engraved and use that spot for the set focus.


What happens if you select unknown material and try to set a material height .23"?

I put the tray back in and now the auto focus will not generate an error. it resizes the bed image to get it close to the size of the material but it will not let me get the entire 11" piece of the line on the material. It shows the artwork “out of bounds” on the bottom. It is close though. I will try some of the other suggestions above.

The piece is masked in blue tape. I’ve never had an issue with the blue before but maybe it doesn’t like blue :slight_smile:

Okay, one thing…I think you just have the material too close to the door. Shift it back a little until it’s underneath the design.

If your piece is 1.6" you must remove the tray.

That’s what I thought too but it started causing problems when the tray was removed. When it’s on the tray it works like it is supposed to.

No it won’t work because the head will crash into it. 2" is the max clearance and you are well over that 1.6" + 1.37" = crash!

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Did you maybe mean the cutting board is 0.16" thick? (If it fits on the tray, it would be closer to 0.16" thick.)