The Great Ornament Show-off Thread - 2017 Edition



nope, not acrylic. i thought that might be heavier/thicker than i wanted (i don’t have any really thin acrylic, all 1/8"). so i just cut the outline shape out of some thick red card stock and used white glue on the back of the reindeer to glue it on.


Aha, I thought they didn’t quite have that acrylic gleam to them. Very cool.


no, definitely not. i think i like that back a little more muted like the wood. it’s actually the same cardstock that the two red/white round reindeer are made of (duplexed red/white neenah columns paper).


I agree, the paper is a great match to the wood. Love seeing how the duplexed Neenah looks – just started running a few paper engraving tests last night and am intrigued by the possibilities.


I haven’t done much with engraving it yet. One early test that was so-so, other than that all cutting.


Getting a head start on 2018…

Missed it by that much, Chief.


No Thingiverse


Oh, sorry, I missed that rule. :thinking:


He was answering your question “your design?”, not saying we shouldn’t use Thingiverse. :wink:



Oh, I derp, you’re right. @TripleJKnifeWorks nice job, carry on!


I use an x-acto knife at the corners of the tape, then roll/scrape the sticky side of the tape I’ve taken off back and forth on the piece. Works good for the super small pieces


Thanks for all the posts! I’ve been inspired to attempt an ornament for the family get together this year. I used pegs cut from medium draftboard to hold it together and let the kids color it. Hopefully, we get an ornament design contest going over the holidays! Cheers!


Made a logo for our shop, then made ornaments for the guys.


Not really an ornament, nor a gift tag…just something with Christmasy colors to send to my brother in New Mexico with a letter. Colored with oil-based markers and some embossing powder for the gold plant pot. (not my own artwork)

Because I have a laser and because I can…


Beautiful coloring!


Last minute ornament for my daughter’s art teacher. I can’t believe I almost forgot her!


This design is adorable! So perfect for a teacher.


A crest of my wife’s family’s clan!


Made about 20 of these for my friends and family (and dog) :slight_smile: