The Great Ornament Show-off Thread - 2017 Edition


Some amaziograph ornaments, and another.


Butterfly ornament is for the boss who loves butterflies. Snoopy is for the lady friend who loves Snoopy, and “The Snows” is for my friends with the last name of Snow.


Quick 3D flake!


This is for my in-laws. The picture came from their Christmas card


Is there a tutorial/thread for how to get the text cut out like that? Just got my GF yesterday so scrambling to get some Christmas tags made and would like to do something like this.


Found a death star design online and printed it off.


Probably not the fastest way but I made the text, converted it to paths, deleted the top line of each letter, and then drew new lines to bridge the letters together.


This is fantastic!


Here’s a quick little video my my ornament!


A variety of ornaments, mostly adapted from other people’s free designs.

Back in the beginning of December, my son’s high school jazz band performed Duke Ellington & Billy Strayhorn’s jazz version of The Nutcracker Suite. In addition to the usual bake sale during intermission, we sold ornaments this year. They were a huge hit, so much so that I don’t have any finished pictures of most of the designs because we sold out. Here’s a shot of a few of them still in my 'forge:

…and the two I do have pictures of:

In the case of the nutcracker, another parent found a source for the nutcracker ornaments for next-to-nothing. I made the little “Roosevelt Jazz” tile and some volunteers hot-glued them on.


My last-minute snow globe ornament (not really finished until I manage to plug the fill hole):



I am sure there is… I cant explain it to you because I have a program that prob no one uses on here but look up Welding text to a shape for what ever program you are using.


Love this!!! would you mind sharing how u did it!!


Here ya go!


Great advice, thanks!




Thank you for sharing, I really like this!!


Great idea with the resin and glitter! Turned out well.


This is great!! Thank you for sharing:slight_smile:


Would you mind sharing your design? We have a (very) belated family Christmas party to go to next weekend. It seems appropriate and would look awesome! We just got our GF Wednesday so any tips on settings and such would be appreciated as well. :smiley: