The Great Ornament Show-off Thread - 2017 Edition


I like these! Definitely want to make something like this for next year! Thanks for sharing.


Aha! Perfect for my mom who lives in AZ … that is unique! Thank you for the idea. Love this thread!


Oh I am soooooooooo tickled you posted this! I actually have 2 Silhouette machines (need to sell my SD machine) … this opens up so many opportunities for me!! I’m getting married in early 2019 and I like a lot of their wedding designs…but now instead of paper/vinyl…I can easily (I hope) take these designs and use them with my Glowforge! Thank you 1,000 times… as I had said in January 2018 I need to start planning the wedding/reception using my Glowforge!!! This will save me so much time!


I didn’t have my GF before Christmas, however, I 3D printed almost all of the Star Wars Snowflakes for the tree at work…we had a Star Wars themed tree and I had fun printing them for that and the garland draping on the front of my cube. It would have been hours and hours faster to do this on a GF and also been able to print in a larger quantity. The fun I will have for next year! TFS


Here are some of mine:


I am a swing dancer and got a set of balboa (type of swing dance) silhouettes from a local venue organizer and made them into ornaments – printed off 3 sets for 18 total (6 designs) to give out to friends for the holiday.


Would you please explain your process for converting from the studio file format to SVG?



I save the studio file to my computer. Then I go to the following website to convert the file:

You will click on the button “Choose File” and be able to browse your computer to where you have saved the file.

Then click on “Convert Studio to SVG” button. It will immediately convert it, and you will have to click on the link directly below that to download the file. When you do … it opens in your web browser. I then right click and it will be saved as an SVG file. It can then be used directly in the Glowforge screen. (You are allowed 10 conversions per day).

Also, as a note … I can open SVG files in the Silhouette Designer Edition software … BUT … that would only be necessary if you wanted to tinker with it in the software. The regular version doesn’t allow you to work with an SVG file. If I do that though … I still have to save it as a studio file again … and then go to the site to convert to SVG again for the Glowforge.

Hope that helps!

@Livein3D thought you might also have need of this.


Very helpful. Thanks so much!


for each of my choir mates on veg-tanned leather (non-proofgrade), masked, with some left on to add interest.


Excellent! Thanks for including me in this!


!Loved looking at all the great designs. These are some of mine :blush:


Be careful. Your license plate is now expired. :grinning:


Noted! :joy:


I’ve had my glowforge for just over a month now, but have been giving things away about as fast as I’ve been making them and not doing as well as I should about taking pictures and notes on settings.

One of my friends asked for a 3D ukulele ornament. I’m not very familiar with the differences in stringed instruments, but I worked from some online images and hope this reads as a ukulele.

There are three layers of proofgrade maple for the body, walnut veneer for color contrast, and some thread for strings. The first string loops inside the body and becomes the second string - so I ended up with two loops on the backside of the main body piece. To increase and even out the tension, I then ran some thread through those two loops on the back side of the front piece and tied it as tightly as I could.

She seemed pleased with it and I ended up with requests from a few others, so I think of it as a success.


Definitely! You did a great job on it!


Cute as a bug! :grinning:


I like it. :sunglasses:


I love the retro-feel of these!


I love it! :two_hearts:


I think this is the first thing I’ve posted here (out of the hundreds of things I’ve made on my GF), but here’s some ornaments I made a few of back in December.