The Great Ornament Show-off Thread 2018


Was commissioned to do these

and made these from the dog offcuts, which I rather love


And a joint effort between me (snowflake design and reindeer) and @gussruss (boxes and sleigh)


Why no tree is up…

For a cat-loving nephew.


My cat looks just like yours - but I have such a hard time photographing him. Mine sleeps under the tree and usually leaves the ornaments alone. There are bells on the lower branches to alert me to those rare occasions when he decides to take a swipe at something.


That’s one of two, and they have knocked anything and everything over, tear around the place, etc. They’d knock the glowforge off the stand if it didn’t weigh something like 5-7 times more than both together.


What is the workflow for that? Those are ceramic, right?


Ceramic/white porcelain.

Burn the design. Color in with marker, wash extra off the glaze. Water will take most markers off the unburned glaze, maybe with a magic eraser or toothbrush. Rubbing alcohol will wash all excess off, but will also fade ink in the engraving.


I REALLY like your sleigh and reindeer. They look great in the clear acrylic. Beautiful job. :grinning:


My simple little ornament isn’t worthy amongst all this beautiful works of art.


Wow. Is that an acrylic living hinge? It’s damn beautiful! That your original design or a purchase?!


Oh yes it is! :wink:


Yes that’s correct a living hinge out of clear acrylic. I did one using 2mm mfd/draftboard first time and decided to try with acrylic and it worked out just as good. The sides of the Sleigh was based from a picture out of book but re-drawn. I came up with trying living hinge for this after seen many other posts on hear and this was a great case for it. The reindeer were drawn from scratch by Rachel actually for something else she was working on but they ended up working out very well together.



Just posted the file in the free category. I need to go get some stuff at Michaels to add to the tops but this gives you the idea. (They go on the front door instead of or in addition to a wreath.)



Those look like pizzelle cookies :slight_smile:


Meant to buy more porcelain ornaments but accidentally got unglazed bisque. Instead of sending them back I tried a 3d engrave on them. I’m super happy I accidentally bought so many now!


Wow that does look good. I may have to try them also. What kind of finish are you going to put on them?


Just wanted to say WOW! So much inspiration here! Loving the layered ornaments!

Again, I aspire.


I think I’m just going to leave them as-is, no finish!


That is so awesome.