The Great Ornament Show-off Thread 2018


@cmreeder – so so gorgeous!!


I’ve gotten lots of mileage out of these leaf illustrations I’ve done this year-- originally for jewelry… But then made into a kids puzzle, and now for this season ornaments! In order, I think, that the pics will show up: Liriodendron tulipifera (tuliptree), Salix spp (Willow), Populus grandidentata (Bigtooth aspen), Populus deltoides (Eastern cottonwood), Cornus florida (Flowering dogwood), Ginkgo biloba, Tilia cordata (Little leaf linden), Cercis canadensis (Eastern redbud), Quercus rubra (red oak), Acer saccharinum (Silver maple)…


Those are FANTASTIC. I love love them. I’ve had a couple of those trees. My favorite was a little-leaf linden my aunt bought for my mom when I was a teenager.
Mom sold her house last year, and that tree was really fantastic after about 17-18 years. I’ve said several times that I’d plant one at my house; but I’m a gypsy and move every 2-4 years.

Doesn’t mean I shouldn’t plant a Linden everywhere I live, though…
Beautiful work. Don’t you love when a design can be repurposed beautifully into many applications?


I have the same sentimental fondness for little leaf linden-- had one outside of my bedroom window growing up. So far it’s one of the few (along with ginkgo) non-Michigan native trees I’ve done. I’m working on a bunch of tropical leaves, now, though-- so soon that’ll be out the window.


LOVE these!!


This is clever, I love it. Fortunately my cats haven’t given me any grief over the tree this year… yet…


This is absolutely beautiful. I cannot find any vector art that is similar to this. Did you create your own? Again, just beautiful!


Some tea light houses



Very nice!


Beautiful piano ornaments.


So is the top piano a different material? or is that just some odd lighting artifact.

the gold looks awesome.


Hey there. I would love to try this out. What settings did you engrave these at?

Do you plan on glazing the ornament and firing it in a kiln? I bet it would look amazing!


Thank you!

It’s actually silver mirrored acrylic from Inventables. It’s clear acrylic with a mirrored backing. I etched the mirror finish off the back where the keys are so they’re just engraved clear acrylic now, but the rest has that nice mirror shine! I’m really happy with it.


I engraved the bisque ornaments at full power/500 speed. I did two passes on some of them and I honestly can’t tell if it made a difference. I wrote up a blog post on preparing the images for engrave, too.

I don’t have access to a kiln or glaze, but I agree I’d be super interested to see what the results look like. The lady in the photo I engraved does have a kiln/glaze; if she decides to do something with them I’ll post pictures (would be after Christmas).


yes it looked really slick

well done.




Those are GORGEOUS!!!


No doubt! I haven’t even begun to get our tree out of the basement and start anything for Christmas yet. Got a couple of orders finally that amounted to quite a bit of time and not enough $ really — but it is more than what we had before.

Amazing ornaments and just awesome looking…wow!


Perfect! Just like this! Wondeful!