The Great Ornament Show-off Thread 2018


So much fun experimenting. So many ideas. So little time.


These are beautiful!! I’m with theroar84, would love to know basic process!


I haven’t got around to using my laser for making ornaments yet, but here is my project from yesterday. I don’t get an ornament made for ourselves every year—usually I make poly-clay ornaments as gifts for others when I make them—but this year my wife wanted to memorialize our son rumbling it up in Newsies, Brooklyn style!

And last weekend my Brother’s bengal cat Hades passed away, so I whipped this up to ship off and brighten up their mourning.


i drew up this adorable Li’l Baphomet design a while back, which i have been using on various bits of merchandise on my website. This year, i made up these two laser-cut ornaments, which i’m offering on the site, too.

the wood ones are proofgrade maple, and the clear ones are proofgrade clear acrylic, etched from the back.

Pretty darn happy with how they’ve turned out!



Ornaments for my parents who are avid hunters. Used icons from the noun project and layered the bits with pg walnut ply, cherry ply (stag), and bass ply (bear).


Thought I shared that. It’s white porcelain ornaments. Burn the design into them. Chase it with copic marker. (Really, any permanent marker will work, so you can do Sharpie.) Clean the excess. For more faded color, clean with rubbing alcohol. (Black permanent become more purple.) To keep the color, clean with water. A Magic Eraser, or a nylon toothbrush, will work fine with water. Even a rag and some elbow grease.


Cut from 1/4" plywood, then spray painted. Dropped glitter on them while the paint was still tacky, then sprayed a top coat over the glitter.


Star Wars and glitter. Nice combo.


Can I ask how you paint them white? Before or after cutting? I have been spray painting but I hate to cover the dark sides!


Here’s a funny custom ornament I did-- a friend had a friend who had hip dysplasia surgery this year, so wanted a custom ornament. We decided the way it hangs sorta wacky when on the tree is actually perfect.
IMG_2942 IMG_2944


I have been searching for these ornaments to no avail… could you share where you found yours by chance? Thank you!


This is the item I bought on Amazon. But it looks like I got the last one; I haven’t seen it go back in stock and I ordered a few weeks ago. The same company is selling 3" round tiles (no holes) and shaped ornaments. I haven’t tried them but hopefully they’ll work out for you!


Not exactly ornaments, but I’ve been doing reindeer (does, bucks, and one of which I painted pink) and trees for my mantel. Still tweaking the trees. The deer are different sizes mostly because I have been cutting them from different thickness plywoods. And for my aesthetics, thicker wood means larger deer.


Cool idea. As an ORAF recipient and future hip replacement candidate, though, I find this one slightly disturbing.


love the googly eyes on the pink one


Thank you so much!


The best Xmas movie ever


Basic snowflakes, one made with 0.050 Styrene the other with proofgrade clear Acrylic.


They’re not painted actually, these are just plain draft board with a very bright light in the room. Sorry to disappoint! I did attempt to paint one but it was a disaster.


looks great!! I’m in need of help… i have a engagement ring image and i want to add a text. I have to change the text to a path… I’m so confused… Im trying to learn AI and i wish it was as easy as using the cricut software… I would of created so many gifts for this holiday… I don’t know if this is possible but I would love to send a file to you to correct it and maybe by 12/28/18 i could give this ornament to someone hopefully.