The Growroom


Ok, this maybe more appropriate for a CNC router, but a cool concept nonetheless. Maybe a miniature version for a kitchen counter cut on the Glowforge?

Think I'm gonna need a bigger laser 😜
Garden Sphere

I’ll put one in my 20’ tall lounge! :wink:


I’m so glad I have open space in the country where it’s easy to grow what ever we want without the need to build something like this. For those with out open space this is a great concept.


This is so cool, I really love gardening and am always looking for new ideas, this is an awesome idea. Thx @cathyfarris for sharing!


Want one for our very gentle winters up here…
Awesome find


Could scale down for an indoor (counter top?) herb garden.


i’m not sure what there is to scale. this is literally just a shelf. put a pot on your counter, stick a light over it, and congratulations, you have literally just scaled this down to your countertop.

in all seriousness though, if you are interested in the idea of a desktop / countertop herb garden, or the like, there are a number of popular systems on the market. few of them, however, will give you better results over the long term, than a simple pot with a cheap grow light above it.

i will gladly help you with a fancy photograph and high-sounding paragraphs to blog about at the end of it, if you want to complete the illusion :smiley:


Neat concept, but can it do carbohydrates?


Cool design! Though I inwardly cringed seeing Bjarke Ingels in that middle photo :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: If you had the right environment for it, I bet this would be great to have in your backyard with a little reading nook built inside. Personally I would probably fill it with flowers or tropical plants…either that or all my friends and neighbors would be getting lots of herbs haha.


Not a fan?


Yeah, never been a big fan of BIG haha


Not exactly the first thought that came to mind when I read “The Growroom”


Mine too - Colorado don’tcha know. I’ve got one of those. Probably explains a lot of my deviant behavior to you all. :grimacing:

I love the idea of @steph’s, that would make a wonderful reading room. Add the sound of running water, and I couldn’t imagine a more relaxing place to lose one’s self in the pages of a book, or a better place to write one.


I agree with jrnelson, the problem is not with the shape of the planter. A living system is far from impossible to maintain indoors, but it is also not as simple as build planter, put plants in pots, eat vegetables the rest of your life.


That is an awesome idea! Bookmarked!


I think I might like to grow stuff inside so that I get to consume it myself.


Keeping the critters away from the garden is always a problem, but if you plant enough and there are no major weather issues, there should be plenty to eat or store for later use.


I don’t know but it seems like about 75% of it will always be in shade, Sure it would be great to sit in but I don’t think it will grow any food.


I have a huge garden, so I always try to plant more than enough. Sadly, last year was like whack-a-mole (no pun intended) when it came to pests. I had prairie dogs the size of rabbits, who took up residence in my raspberry bed. Evicted them just in time for the birds to start eating all of the berries. Got netting up for the birds, only to find that evil wabbits were nibbling on everything. Literally, everything … they had to sample a bite of every. single. veggie that I planted. While dealing with the rabbit situation, I noticed that someone had taken out almost all of my fireweed patch. I was trying to figure out who the culprit was when I stepped in deer poop :grimacing:

Needless to say, last year’s harvest was poor (but the critters were very well fed!). This year I’m thinking about electrical wire around the beds and concertina fencing around the perimeter!


Let us know if all you defenses hold. I’m always battling the critters and bugs to the point my wife says it’s the main reason for my existence trying to figure out how to stop them. I guess we all need something to do :slight_smile: