The printer does not move and stays in centering mode

I have problems; with the GF, to the printer switch, it stays in a “centering” mode and after a few minutes it goes to “scanning” and there it stays and does not move the head or do anything, after a few minutes it feels like the fan is turned off and is silent. He tried disconnecting the network and reconnecting and nothing happens. It will not change the location or place objects that can obstruct the signal.

I cleaned the lenses of the gf.

What m, how can I do ??

If it’s not WiFi (which is still might be, but)
Are both the camera on the lid, and the :glowforge: logo on the top of the laser head clean? It uses that logo and the camera to determine its location in the scanning phase…

The wifi works and the lenses are clean, in the application it detects when it is turned on, when the cover is open, which seems to indicate that there is no connection problem between the printer and the software, but what happens is that it does not make any movement the head to focus, is as dead, just turn on the light and the fan

I am very concerned that I have several orders and this printer does not want to work. Yesterday everything worked fine. I did a cleaning, but after that I did several jobs without problems. Has anyone had a similar problem? the head does not make any movement and stays in "centering "on the screen

Lots of people have a similar problem, sadly if it’s not WiFi (or dirt) then it’s most often the ribbon cable which needs to be replaced. If it’s the latter you’ll need to wait for a staff member to get here which can take a few days, and then wait for shipping. SO, it’s worth trying all the suggested fixes to see if it’s something local you can fix.

Fingers crossed

While you are waiting for Support to get back to you, here is a list of additional things you can check:

  • New thing to try - remove all materials and restart GF: Glow forge stuck on scanning
  • Glowforge is Offline / Calibrating (support page)
  • Lens inserted correctly?
  • Turn the GF off, open the lid, turn it back on, and let it sit for a few minutes before closing the lid – if there’s a software update trying to download this will let it finish without interfering with the machine’s attempts to calibrate
  • Recent exchange? Make sure correct GF is selected in the GFUI
  • Look for any changes in the GF environment that might affect the wifi signal – one person had mounted a metal plate beside theirs, to attach their magnets to, and that was apparently enough to disrupt the wifi signal and throw the machine into eternal calibration…another piece of hardware could theoretically do the same (fan, printer, etc.).
  • Try changing the GF’s wifi channel – too many devices maybe trying to use the same one.
  • Sometimes cleaning the lenses seems to help – and also the Glowforge logo on the top of the print head, since the camera uses that for location purposes.
  • Sometimes the ambient lighting can affect the camera’s ability to focus – could be too bright, or not bright enough.
  • Check lid light cable clips Stuck on scanning during start up
  • Don’t cover up the logo on the top of the print head :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thank you very much for your support, however, I already did all these actions and I still have the same result. I do not see any damage by visual inspection of the flat cables. I don’t know if this is a recurring failure but I note that there are many users who have had the same problem. and think that it is such an expensive equipment!

I just hope that with the sending of the cable by the company I can solve this problem. The sad thing is that while that happens I have a number of orders that will affect my sale and reputation if I do not comply.

I hope that GF support is effective and can send me the cables as soon as possible. I really do not know if that is the fault, but the forgiveness of support did not give me many options, [after following the steps that they already have described on their page, the solution they gave me was immediately sending a set of cables. DOES GF KNOW THAT HE HAS FAILURES IN THIS?

It is a very expensive equipment and one makes these types of investments to make sure that they have equipment that can be robust and reliable.



I see you have already emailed us about this and we have already followed up with your next steps. So I am going to close this thread.

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