There You Go Again - No SVG Loading - Only PDF

Same same as last week. Never did say if anything was fixed or it just sort of scabbed up on it’s own.
Also, the status page does not show that it happened the other day (nor today). So a ninja failure all around.

Anything already on the UI page can be cut.
Designs in PDF format will also upload and cut.
SVG designs fail to upload with an Unexpected Error.

At least we can still use the work around we figured out last week (aka PDF format).


Same for me, just like last week. Wasn’t that a Monday also?

Just as a data point (not a rub in your face point) - uploading new Illustrator-generated SVGs is working just fine for me.

Worked two days ago - now I cant upload any SVG files

Likewise having no problems with new svgs from Illustrator.

No SVG from any of my art formats. Only PDF.

Not think it is art program related, or the PDF would also fail I should think.
I am on Xfinity. That should not matter either but worth mentioning.

They did something to fix it last go round, so not a deal breaker.

Not if you want to do something tricky and mix a bunch of operations. I’m trying to do a 6 layer project and can’t convert it all to PDF just so I can get past a PITA Cloud issue that will get resolved without notification and then some other day stop working again - and burning hours chasing down a problem that isn’t on our end after all :persevere:

(Still no go - just checked since some said they were working.)

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Same here! No new SVGs, but PDF and PNG OK. Very frustrating and the status page says all is fine. This isn’t file related from our end.

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Same here. SVGs that worked Sunday didn’t work 24hs later. Fortunately the PDF workaround kept me moving.

Still not working this morning.

Without a ticket or even support chiming in, this is as bad as it gets for a web based app. The issue has nothing to do with the machine itself and the bug is 100% consistent for the people affected.


Welcome to the wonderful world of cloud based apps.

Would be nice if you could simply uninstall the update and use the previous version that was working for you.


Even if they provided the installer it’s likely we wouldn’t be able to download the previous version since modern installers are trending toward thin applications that just install an auto-updating app anyway. It really worries me that even with all our individual SVG’s they do not have enough test data to create a decent regression test and run that automatically. It’s also troubling that they don’t seem to track metrics on error rates.


I’ve collected some info on this subject that may help support.

The following zip contains:
-a small PDF that loads fine
-s small SVG created in AD (simple straight line) that never had issues before
-a screenshot of the SVG file selected being loaded
-a screenshot of Chrome in debug mode showing an error “failed to execute…” The error is hit four times and then normal processing continues but always leads to a fatal error


@brokendrum , can you please Zip and upload a sample SVG file that you are having trouble uploading into the GFUI so I can take a look at it? Are you using Inkscape?

Jules, I know that you addresses tour question to @brokendrum, but I’ve already done that in my previous message. The zip at my google docs link contains the SVG and the other info I listed. Thanks for staying on top of this.

I also stated that AD is being used, but the other people in this thread use other programs as well.

Yeah, I’ve got yours and tested it Ruth, it’s where I tripped over what I think is part of the issue. I’d like to try to figure out what caused it too, but for that we need more data points.

Yours was AD? I missed that, thanks!

It is not the files. Even the ones that have previously printed fail to upload unless made into PDF


What program did you use to create the files?

If they changed something on the SVG rendering engine, it could very well be the files. That’s the most logical explanation actually. The files are modified server-side after they’ve been uploaded/interpreted (what you upload isn’t the same as what you would download, if there were a download button).

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There is something that Affinity Designer is appending to the files that the GFUI now has an issue with that it did not have before.

SVG’s originated in AD fail.
SVG’s originated in Inkscape (Inkscape SVG or Plain SVG no matter) do not fail.
SVG’s originated in AD, then opened in Inkscape, modified, and re-saved still fail.
SVG’s originated in AD still open and render fine when opened via web browser so it meets the SVG spec. It’s just something in the GFUI that has changed.

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