Thick bamboo cutting board


This is my third and last post of today :wink:

I also bought a bamboo cutting board which I wanted to test.
It was 0.6" thick so I should have removed the tray, but I was lazy and tried with the tray.

Settings: Engrave (450LPI) 1000/80

You can see same ‘lanes’ of darker and lighter engraving. I’m not sure if this is due to the material or because the board was actually too thick and the camera was out of focus.
I also added small circles in the corners to indicate the location to drill. But the one at the bottom left got on the wrong place. Next version will be without these circles :wink:

In a few days I will try to paint the engravings to enhance them even more.
When it is finished I’ll share a new picture.


Definitely the material…you can see the bands in the bamboo. Turned out lovely though, I like the natural look. :grinning:


Looks really nice!


Bamboo will do that. Looks fantastic.

BTW: If you have a Ross around you, they’ll oft have a variety of bamboo cutting boards in the $1-$5 range! I have made a few wedding presents from 'em.


I think it came out great!


Very nice :slight_smile: And yes, like the others have said, the banding you see is definitely the bamboo. Bamboo is a grass and the fibers don’t burn consistently.


For sure the material like others said, mine came out the exact same way except I used 270 line and attempted 2 passes to see if I could get the colors to level out, but it didn’t. Heres a link to mine then settings I used and If you didn’t wipe down the black areas I would recommend it, it helps blend the two a little bit better for the one I did anyways.


Oh, and BTW the misplacing of the circular holes is likely because at 0.6 the camera’s view of where things are (for placing the work on the image) will be seriously off.


I have done a few bamboo cutting boards also. They all have the light and dark difference because of the different pieces of used to make the board. It looks good. I have been wanting to blacken one in before removing the protective tape. Just have not got to it yet. Here is the one I did this morning. :slight_smile: 20180510_105230|281x500


It is the material bands. You have to examine the board very carefully for that if you want consistency of outcome. It isn’t bad for an engraving like this. It can be murder for photos.




This is the finished result after painting.
Next time I will use masking before engraving and leave it on until after painting because it is very hard to not paint outside the engraving.

Our names are painted with black acrylic paint and the number with Hamerite steel paint (a leftover of a previous project).


So it is safe to use the crumb tray with a cutting board that’s a little over half an inch thick?



You’ll want to put something in that brings the surface to engrave up to the proper height.

There are lots of tutorials if you search the forum.


Here you go:



Thank you!!