Thick circle line

Im trying to engrave a logo with a circle around it. The problem I am having is the line around the logo is thicker but engraves very thin. I am using Inkscape and can not find anything to remedy this problem. It prints normally from an inkjet but won’t engrave the correct thinckness. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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If you created the circle around the logo as a vector, no matter how thick the line shows in Inkscape, it will be a single stroke for the Glowforge interface. You will need to thicken the circle’s stroke then expand it so that it will engrave. You can also thicken the line and rasterize the file so it becomes an engraveable shape.

This discussion may help you: Engrave a line in Inkscape


I’m sorry you’ve run into trouble while trying to get the desired print results with your Glowforge. The forum thread that @dklgood suggested is a great resource! Thank you Dklgood!

Something else which might help is our support guide on printing thick or stylized strokes. Please let us know how it goes!

The machine can only see paths and enclosed shapes (defined by paths) - and, of course, raster images/bitmaps.

A Stroke is a path with a style applied to it - thickness, patterns, colors, dashes, etc. Styles are invisible to the Glowforge.

If you want to see what the machine will see while you’re working in Inkscape, put the View into “Outline” mode. You can then see the paths without any style applied.

If you want a “thick” line, then (as stated) you can convert your stroke to a bitmap, which can be engraved. You can also play with deforcused score, to make a thicker line in a single pass (much faster). Depends on exactly what you are looking for.

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