Thick white paper/photo engrave settings

Hi guys,

I need help. Please see the pic of the paper I’m using and the image I’m trying to burn. I’d like as highly detailed a burnt image on paper as I can get. I have gone the trial and error path for several days and I either evaporate the paper, or it barely burns. Can someone recommend some settings for me?image|375x500


What settings have you tried?

On a pro machine:

Mostly using the HD Photo setting.

Speeds: 450, 500, 550, 600
Power: max power, 80, 65
Convert to dots and varying power
Lines per inch: 225, 450, 675
Passes: 1
Height: 0.01

Here are a couple of the unsatisfactory results.

I downloaded your file and did this. It is at 1000/8/125dpi vary power on 110 lb paper. I used the lower dpi in the interest of time


Did you have to set the height? What is the 8 for?

The 8 would be power. You can use the Set Focus command to set the height.

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Yeah I’m just not sure what to set it at. I’ve tried .07, .06 down to .01…

Just use the Set Focus tool, and let it decide for itself.


I’m not seeing that… :-/

Thank you!

While I’m throwing links at you (:wink:), this one would probably be helpful for you to read through, too:

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:slight_smile: thank you so much!!

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No problem.

@evansd2 has done a couple of amazing engraves on paper, if you’re looking for inspiration:

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I did manual focus. I never use autofocus and rarely use measurements.

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How do you do a manual focus without measuring? :wink:

Sharp eyesight :rofl:

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Tried these settings too, no good…

Settings are going to vary between materials, even if both materials are paper. The best you can really hope for from someone else’s settings is a starting point for your own testing. :slight_smile:

I’m confused by your top photo because I can’t really figure out what it’s showing. But what I would do, were I you, is create a small filled shape, make duplicates of it, then on each one change the settings just slightly. Maybe for the first run, keep them all at a power of 8 and decrease the speed by 50 on each one, and see what happens. Or keep the speed the same and bump up the power by 2 points on each one. That’s how you dial in settings. Nobody else can do it for you, if you want to use non-PG materials.