This Forum (And It's Users) Is Incredible

Continuing the discussion from Contest: Design a replacement part for something that is broken:

Some time back in November another forum member, @marmak3261 suggested to forum members to submit a link to, or a drawing of an example of, a time they they used technology to fix a broken thing in their home; I’m paraphrasing, see below:

As a passing thought I submitted a 3D model for the articulation arm for a cheap Lorex baby monitor that one of the twins yanked from the wall:

Honestly, I wasn’t thinking about it as a contest or had any passionate drive to win something. It was just fun to be involved in this community and share ideas and designs with people that share a passion for creation and making.

Flash-forward several months, life sped up and “distracted?” me from being as involved in this forum as much as I would have liked. The fire in me was dwindling because of the shipping delays (@dan, please know this isn’t a jab at you, I know you’ll come through for us. Keep reading and it will make more sense) and demands from work and family. I was being dragged down to a low place. @marmak3261 messaged me for an address saying that I was selected to receive a prize…

(Please note that I’m relatively new to forums in general, and completely new to laser cutting. I was using the forum to learn as much as I could about getting the most out of my machine before it even got here.) I had the package shipped to work. It was on my desk when I came in and I was very excited when I realized what it was. I opened it immediately and found that a person that I have never met spent his personal time and money to send me a beautiful thing…I can’t really convey how it made me feel. I just can’t articulate it. But I just want @dan to know and be proud of what he has created and the community that has been born from it.

It was so fitting for the gift I received to have been inscribed with “Fiat Lux” (let there be light) since it reignited in me the excitement I previously had for making and for this laser cutter. I’m so excited to share this with you. Now I just need to figure out how to attach photos to this post…Oh, click and drag, easy enough.

At least, this was one of my experiences. What I’m getting at is that is thank you. I’ll just leave it at that…


Yes. The folks on this forum are uplifting. They are so generous with their time and expertise, and they show so much kindness. I join you in thanking them for that, and I thank you too for taking the time to share the story and post the pictures. :glowforge: :hugging:


I too have personal experience of the generosity of @marmak3261, as well as many others on this forum. The experience has changed my whole attitude about connecting with strangers.


It should also be noted that it is, I’m pretty sure, black walnut…and burnt…I can’t stop smelling it. I was going to take it home…but it’s better than a candle so I’m keeping it on my desk for the time being.


Totally agree @marmak3261 is one of those rare human beings that can only be described as a treasure. :hugging:

He helps so many people on a daily basis he sets the standard.

We’re keeping him. :slight_smile:

(And congrats on winning one of the Lux prizes. They are just beautiful.)


Only possible to be so generous because I have been taught so much by the forum members, especially in that first year, and team Glowforge doing all the heavy lifting. Just paying it forward!

And so that you realize I’m not that altruistic, I was checking into how the flatpack packaging and shipping worked. A 7 x 9" bubble mailer @ $0.50, $2.15 postage. Mini glue tube @ $0.30. Rubber bands (less than a penny a piece). 1/3 sheet of Proofgrade. I could sell these for $25.00 a piece and do quite well.


I’m sure that if you do decide to market a few, you’ll put the profits to good use. :wink:


And clearly the instructions are sufficient for people to assemble with success (though I still haven’t got to mine yet… :()


Well, to be honest, I forgot to put the instructions on the second set I sent out to match up the sides. They are symmetric but the way the beam cuts the edge, and since these are pretty tight, they go in easier a certain way. Also, it’s easier on the living hinge of the bottom is on the inside radius. And if @KyleQuinn hasn’t glued it all together yet, he may consider turning the back around to put the keyhole slot to the inside for the engraving nail slot rather than to the outside where it would be against the wall.:smile:


I thought about it @marmak3361, but I decided to not hang it and wanted
would see the clean edge.


Makes sense. Glad I made them symmetric. My first iteration for the best choice matches is all wonky and won’t go together except one way!


You guys rock!


I have gotten to the point that forum members aren’t strangers…any more.:grinning:


Aweeee hugs to you to!(no sarcasm)


This is just wonderful. :slight_smile:


I’m really not sure where to put this post, so here seems as good as any…
It was a slow day at work, so I threw the bin under the microscope and took some photos. @dan may find it interesting he hasn’t already seen something like it.


Wow! :heart_eyes:

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Amazing! Especially the tab fit!


Looks like creme brulee up close, right?

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Yeah, I guess it does, a little. haha. It is plywood, could it be the glue, maybe?