This is not as easy as it is made out to be

Recognized my guitar in there! :grin:
Glad you’re enjoying your Glowforge!!!


Yup! Magic: the Gathering Life Tracker
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okay guys…I have been stuck on Spiral Drawing Tool_Page 1.pdf (215.7 KB) Spiral Drawing Tool_Page 2.pdf (135.8 KB)

for DAYS!!! this is the file I am using. and I have not figured out yet how to get the pics from my phone to show you guys what came of it. But, in this file, there are circles with holes that are supposed to have zig zag edges… and it is cutting the zig-zag part off. I have tried fixing it and editing it and of course you can not edit or change ANYTHING in the interface, or atleast I can not.

MY POOR CHILD! she has been so patient! I can work on it at home with my Mac but I have to be at the glowforge machine to test it and I have that at the shop. so it so frusterating!


Carefully check the steps in the GFUI and I suspect it’s a matter of switching one or more of the steps to score instead of cut.




Ok, yes. That’s what I am having problems with. The one that needs to be changed is on one of those files as a whole piece. So there is more than one item on the piece that needs to be scored instead of cut. But all of the other in that cube are to be cut. So in order to change just one job, (I’m sorry I sound illiterate when speaking of anything to do with this but I just haven’t learned the correct terms yet. But, on the left where it shows the order of the operations, they are set and divided into squares, that is what I am trying to say) well, in one particular square there are thre or four different areas set to cut, and if I change the item it is changing all of them. Is there a way to change just one area in One square, instead of all of the items in one square. Or do I need to upload the file into one of the softwares, and try to get it done that way? Or am I missing something. I really have been educating myself. But more so along the lines of safety of glowforge and Inkscape and Tinkercad so far, because I want to design and build my own things. (But that don’t mean I don’t live all these files everyone shares, so in the mean

I can’t believe I forgot to reply to this one. I did kiss this. And it went perfect. So we do infact know that it is operator error and can’t be put off on my glowforge !!


I just made one of the “Spiral Design Tools” (see Thanks for the new file! (Spirograph) - #25 by evermorian ) Not sure if you are saying you got this resolved. It looks to me like @arh2 and @deirdrebeth have your issue nailed: you are cutting some of the score lines.

If you are using Proofgrade materials (and have had it detect that from the QR code or, set it manually), you can just set each color/block/operation to cut, score or engrave as appropriate. Click on each square (operation/color) on the left and, set it to the desired operation.

I’ll try to answer other questions, if you are stuck.


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@MANDYpalmer83 That was an interesting journey, with lots of twists and turns and a fantastic ending! I’m so glad you are up and printing; I have no doubt at all that you will create amazing things!

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