This OFFLINE thing is getting old

Glowforge, it’s time to fix this. Going OFFLINE after every cut is not OK.
(and it’s NOT my WiFi!)

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I’ve never had that problem


I haven’t had the problem either for over 4 years, but today it’s been after every cut!

It’s almost definitely your WiFi - I know you don’t want it to be, but ~4+ years of this forum would indicate otherwise.


Nope. I’m fairly proficient in computer/network troubleshooting - it’s sorta what I do in the real world. This IS NOT my WiFi.


There are 60+ users and counting in our Facebook group with the same issues.

Machine turns off during cuts.
Machine won’t load new artwork until it’s been turned off and back on.
Constant offline errors, even in places with multiple units.
Whirring and shuddering.
Won’t reset at times for hours.

Considering that Glowforge encourages people to use it for a business, but then has systemic issues like this that will kill a small startup or business.

No it’s not your WIFI cause I’m having the same issue…and I’ve owned a Glowforge since 2018…I think something must be buggy at corporate and I’m sure they’ll get it back to running as soon as they can…

Seriously, if it were strictly a Glowforge issue, there would be more like 6000 users having the problem. There are potentially dozens of internet hops between the cloud servers and your machine; could be any one of them causing an issue. I’ve had my GF for just over a year now, and I think I’ve gone offline twice.


Currently having the same issue and about to lose my mind! I’ve tried all of the things that usually work to get it back online and still no luck.

I’ve been printing all day and luckily it didn’t impact me…Until I started replying to this thread. Ugh!
I have experienced some oddities though. A few times the last couple of days, I’d hit the click the print button in UI and it would just spin and spin and spin, but the button on the GF glows and prints when I press the button. Perhaps the recent software they updated ( which was suppose to be in preparation for future changes.) did more then just hibernate in the background.

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This is exactly the conversation I’ve been having with my husband. I bought the pro to use for business, promptly started using it and getting orders. I had several issues with the machine going offline and after a month, it went offline and did not put out a wifi signal again. Customer service helped me do all the trouble shooting and ended up sending me a new one.

I’m on my second glowforge now and am having constant issues with it. I have it in the same room as my modem/router, nothing blocking wifi access, I have a booster pod right next to it, and I’m still having issues. I’m supposed to leave for a show on Tuesday, but the GF is down again and I’m not even close to having everything made that I need. It feels I’ve spent more hours trouble shooting this thing than using it and I feel hesitant to market the products I’ve been making on it more, because I’m not even positive I can fulfill the orders.

How am I supposed to run a business with this? How is it that the other tools I use for my business can connect and run fine off of wifi and this unit cannot consistently connect or stay connected?

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Could there possibly be any other common factor? Like all of those users have Comcast/whatever-provider or use the same brand of router?


Agreed. In this scenario the back up plan is to allow working directly from computer to the GF.
I’m on Comcast but I can access everything on the web except Glowforge servers.

I just got GF back online. Did someone in Seattle let the rain into the server room?

That would require an onboard controller. You’d need a different machine altogether.

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I can dream…

Hahaha…Keep hope alive! :+1:

Not necessarily. It could be ran locally in several different ways. For example, the processing could be performed locally (on computer), and then the motion plan transferred over the local network to the GF and executed. Any modern computer has enough power to do it. As it stands - it’s not possible due to the overall system architecture, but possible if GF wanted it to be possible. Having offsite servers process everything as a middle-man service was a decision made from the very beginning. That’s not to say that it’s good or bad, just that it was a decision.

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Yeah, I wouldn’t want to hold my breath waiting for that one. If people are having this much trouble with GF handling the processing, imagine what a headache it would be if users were trying to locally troubleshoot and run a program of that complexity.

so literally hundreds of people suddenly complaining about the EXACT SAME THING and conveniently every single one of these people all have the same wifi issues in their home? Gee, that would be really weird for that to occur to hundreds of people at the same time.

I haven’t had one issue in 9 months like this and now suddenly, I’m having ALL the same issues as everyone else has been complaining about within the past 48 hours. It just goes offline after it finishes a cut. If I leave it to its own, it has occasionally EVENTUALLY come back online on its own but I have literally had to restart my machine 6 times after every print just to get it to come back online. Then I complete a print and boom, it goes offline again. My wifi is fine. My router is fine. My husband literally works in IT for a living, if there was an issue with our wifi or router he’d be the first to know

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Not that we’ve noticed in our discussions so far.