Second passover option

So still trying to come up with the best nameplate option. I have the pyramid/sphinx one, but figured since my wife got back tonight, we’d try another option. Puzzles.

I decided to use my own puzzle artwork rather than the built in one, so I could do it all in AI rather than screen layout.

This might be a fun option where everyone has to put them together and figure out where they are sitting, then they get to keep the puzzle.

my only complaint on this one is a LOT of blowback snuck under the paper on the bottom… Not sure why this design did that…

Oh sorry, this is proof grade Maple Plywood


If your using all the same puzzle pieces, maybe mix them all up, then as a party game, people have to get 8 of their other pieces from other people. Then again. I think you said you have 30+ comming, so either bigger puzzles, or less thinking on my part…


We don’t want to wait too long to get people seated…


Well if your doing the whole thing, your not eatting till midnight anyways. What’s an extra 1hr till matzo balls.

Could be worse it could of come late this year, when sunset is that much later… Thank g-d we got the gumption to cast off our bondage in a short light period time of the year.


Oh, other major flaw is the majority of adults at the table have STEM doctorates of some form. We would literally never eat, as people would be arguing over the most efficient algorithm to exchange pieces, etc…


Then my son added, hey could we CNC machine stuff for next year too? And I looked at him, and asked hey could we design a new leaf for the main table with an integrated seder plate? My wife looked at both of us like we are idiots and walked to the other room… Yeah, but we may be idiots next year with a table with a built in seder plate now!


Now THAT is a great idea!

I like 'em both, but the puzzles are going to be a lot quicker to cut than all that engraving on the other ones. :relaxed:

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So now the inner woodworker is getting excited for this… Sigh now I want to build that.

So he goes the thought experiment. The leaf could definitely be Passover kosher, and used only on the holiday. Or possibly depending on how your table works, and generally how you use it through out the year(I know a lot of people who just leave the leaf in), make it that it can be flipped upside down and still fit for the other 51 weeks a year.

Now I don’t know who does the dishes in your house, also how big the sink, but nobody wants to hand was that. But if you could find lil bowls orfor some reason I am invisioning half egg shaped bowls that could remove, then clean would be easy. CNC them in flush to the top or a hair proud.

Also don’t for get the integrated afikoman(affikomon? Middle matzo piece!) Lock box/safe. It costs a bit more up front, bit saves having to give the kids a fiver for stealing it.

So all the above plus your light system for the dish will make you winner of “super Jew of the year”.


More design time but you could make the center piece unique for each one and give your guests just the center piece with their name engraved and they figure out which puzzle it fits in.

Or, do something where in the end, all of the named pieces fit together - and you can assemble a puzzle with all of those name pieces and have a record of attendees you can put in a little frame.


OMG, you are totally feeding this addiction…


I’m curious as to the settings. I assume this is Proofgrade maple and that you used the default cut settings?

The kerf seems wide to me and I rarely get any blowthrough and flashback on the back side of the material when I use Proofgrade and default cut settings (for me maple is 80/15). In fact, some times it barely even makes it through the masking on the other side, which makes for a pretty small kerf and a tight fit in the puzzle.

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Or cut out 30 puzzles that are all the same. Assemble them with a missing center piece, and then cut out 30 name tag puzzle pieces, none of which fit!


proofgrade maple plywood. 100/27

Hate to link to myself but:

You won’t be able to integrate into table, but I think a GF and a few cups of coffee you can get this by Monday.

And as I finish typing the above, new idea. The safe is under the Seder plate, and you have to push the “sections” in a certain order/combo to unlock…


A ton of blowback for me with those settings. Enough to melt the paper on the back. They’re recommending 100/35 for mine until they get it dialed in (perhaps a boosted tube in my machine?). Even that leaves some scorching but it doesn’t penetrate the paper. I can push it to 100/38 without a problem and it cleans up the blowback altogether.

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That’s fascinating I had issues early on with not making it through some cuts at default settings. I was actually cautious about going full power though, for no reason other than Geordi and Scotty. Wow. that is a big difference.



Usually I fun my cuts on full and use the speed to adjust for material thickness or density. But I have them throttled so the machine won’t go more than 95%. So a “100” is really only 95. I set them that way so I don’t have some yahoo overclocking the tube and prematurely wearing it out. I would do the same for the Glowforge (or keep the max I set to 95) except that was what was recommended. I don’t know if the app is actually adjusting to keep us from running them at their real 100% level - protecting us from ourselves (it would be the smart thing to do with the types of users that these machines are destined for).

Integrated seder plate + afikomen hiding spot is amazing.


Looks a little like it reads “Herary” :grinning:

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