Tic tac toe game

So, purchased the tic tac toe game and can’t find how to print the 2nd page on the veneer, only the pieces, and the solid board show up for printing. any ideas?

You will need to give a bit more information…ie what format is the file, where was it purchased. Was it from the Glowforge store?

From the Catalog?

Two piece/two page designs should show up in your main app.glowforge.com as two separate designs, like the screenshot of the cupcake toppers below.

If you don’t have two designs listed, support will need to know (which they do by doing just what you did in starting a new post in #problems-and-support). I know there was at least one other case where one of the pages of a two-page design weren’t being displayed on the users home page.


Thanks! found it in there!


It was in my user files! thanks!

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Great to hear!!

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Thanks for the answer, @jbmanning5. We’re glad you found it!