There’s nothing like the childhood games we played. If I only had a dollar for every tic-tac-toe grid I’ve drawn on scraps of paper! These are 6" x 6." I’m working on a couple of Halloween themed versions as well.


Nice! Love how whimsical you made it look.


Yep! You’ve kicked it up a notch from the old pencil/paper days.


Beautifully done! I love the little flourishes.

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Very pretty!

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Very cool! Halloween themed sets would be fantastic, too.

Now you need a way to store the pieces! This would work really well with my design for a Basic Game Board Box With Drawers. :slight_smile:


Ooh! That’s a fantastic idea. Hmmm… Now you have me thinking!

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I actually did one for my granddaughter. :slight_smile:

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Wow! That is lovely. Mine pales in comparison.

So sorry to hear about all that sunshine. Nothing is worse than not having the weather as an excuse to stay in and play with a Glowforge!

I’m going to try that with the Halloween tic-tac-toe games I’m making.

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