Too late to get on the beta list?

Now that shipping is delayed 6 months, is it too late to get on the beta list? My first plan was to print 150 wedding announcements, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to get them out in time with the new ship date.

I’d love to get on the list and have a considerable amount of large projects in the backlog to report back on how they work out. Is that possible?


I can’t speak for the company obviously, but I feel like they’re sending out beta units as they go, and very few have gone out so far (at least to forum users / customers / etc). Fill out the Google form that Dan linked and you’re likely to get put on the list. Given that they’re pretty particular about where these go, I suspect you aren’t too late for anything. :slight_smile:

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@dan said if you wish to be in the beta program just click on the link in the email and sign up.

Sorry, I think we posted at the same time lol

Here is the post with the details and link for the Beta program, doesn’t hurt to apply.
Glowforge Volunteer Corps

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Thanks for the quick reply!

Here’s the link for others: Glowforge Volunteer Corps

I hope not, cause I just applied too. :grin:

@chrisbrummel, I feel your pain.

I’ve been developing a seasonal product line for the holidays. I planned on having 5 months of production after receiving the machine… what a disappointment.

If it gets pushed back again, I’m out.

This is harsh, but I hope that it also serves as a warning sign for you guys. You really have to be careful about planning your business on such a critical component outside of your control. If things are dire for you, you should consider looking at a cheap Chinese laser to at least prototype and figure out your final items.

That way, even if you don’t want to use it for production, you can hit the ground running when / if your Glowforge arrives.


Good idea. Might as well cut and run before the mass exodus.

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Where did 6 months come from???

I don’t know if you missed the announcement or if you weren’t sure when it was/is shipping. Used to be all preorder campaign units by end of june now all of those by end of december therefore 6months delay

I did not receive the email or it went to spam?? However did see on announcement page, probably 10 minutes after I posted this.