Too quickly overheating

HI, I’ve had my glowforge a week or two and Im having trouble with it overheating on seemingly small and simple jobs. for instance, a 4x6 book cover, just cutting out circles on it. an 11 minutes cut for front and back (back no circles, just a small engrave in the bottom corner) and it is stopping to cool down twice during it!! I have the plus, it says it should be able to go pretty much all day, and I am definately NOT doing that. several 15 minute cuts a day maybe. Is something wrong?

What’s your ambient temperature in the room by the machine? The Plus is rated for between 60-75 degrees. You might be able to squeeze a couple more degrees out of it with some pausing.

As far as temp, not what the AC thermostat says, but the actual measured temp by the machine.


Just FYI, the Pro model is the only one that has an extended operating temperature range. The Plus is as powerful as the Pro but does not have the active cooling. So you still need to keep an eye on the temperature range for the Plus.

There are some suggestions for keeping the machines cooler.

Recent changes let you try running the fan without printing to cool things off:

And some other good general suggestions:


Even the Pro has its limitations on temp. mine is in the warmest room of the house and I keep a floor unit AC because at around 78df things start to get dicey.


I’ve only ever had mine overheat once, and it was in the winter when we were running the heater. I keep it cold enough to hang meat in here. (Currently sitting in a long-sleeved fuzzy shirt. ) :smile:


@craftracoons I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve run into cooling troubles during your print. After extracting the logs of your Glowforge I found that your Glowforge was getting too hot. The links that @Jules provided have some good suggestions that you can follow to help keep your Glowforge cool.

After trying these suggestions and if you’re still running into trouble, please let us know the following so that we can investigate further:

  • A description of the things you tried and what happened
  • If possible, place a thermometer next to your Glowforge on the right-hand side and measure the temperature there; if not, estimate the room temperature
  • The date and time (including time zone) when you had the problem
  • Take a picture of the exhaust hose behind your Glowforge that includes the part where it connects to your Glowforge, and the part where it exits the room
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ok. so Im thinking this last week the ambient room temperature might be too hot. It’s georgia and it’s scorching because it’s july. also, I’m in the garage room which does not have air conditioning. Off to get a window unit just as soon as I can get the money!!


Thanks for the update! I’m going to close this thread. If you continue to run into any troubles after installing your air conditioning and getting the room cooled down please don’t hesitate to make a new thread, or send an email to and we’ll be happy to help!