Maple Proofgrade™ to the rescue….

Solved! :smile::dizzy::boom::tada:

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending March 18th, 2017

One of the things I am most looking forward to is the ability to create hyper-customized kitchen drawer inserts!


Nice solution! I love the overly-ornate middle section. Serves only 1 purpose: Looking good! :slight_smile:

A bit dangerous for my tastes though. I keep my sharp tools laying down or sharp side down. I’m always afraid the kids will fall and manage to lose an eye or something. (Or that I’ll do it!)


It’s going to sit on a bookshelf above the 3D printer - no kids here. :relaxed:

(Of course, I’m enough of a klutz that I’ll manage to impale myself on it somehow, I’m sure!)


Oh, cool. So it’ll just fall and impale somebody’s head. No worries, then. :wink:


It’s across the room…you worry way too much Tom. ROFL! :smile:


I just care. :slight_smile:






So many good feelings around here, you guys are really great people :relieved:


And worry warts! :smile:


We prefer the term “care-givers,” thanks. :wink:


nice work!
can relate to that and probably would hurt myself while puting them in :slight_smile:


Weird! I can’t see any photos today - just big white boxes!
When i click on them it says ‘The image cannot be loaded’!


That is pretty.

And now I am thinking about a show I did in college where one of the other stagehands left a utility knife on top of the ladder (don’t worry, only a small scar to lend interest to his good looks).


Nice, but what I really want is all of that flat, empty space in the first photograph where I could layout tools without stacking them on something else.


I think that might be a “you” thing. I’ve seen all pictures all day. Try a different browser (Chrome). Or clear your browser’s cache.


Heheh - I hear that! (Dining room table - it’s never used so it’s one of the few places to take photos.)


It just happened to me, but only on a single post. I can see all the others (so far). It’s happened before, but is rare.


That’s where I store the cookbooks I can’t find shelf space for, some wine glasses and a robot arm.