Topographic Maps of Lakes

Has anyone done these? I do not have a ton of design knowledge, just the basics but I really want to make these maps. Is there a place to create these types of files? I have PDF’s I found on the State of Michigan website but that obviously isn’t a cut file - any helpful hints???

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Search “topographical maps” there are lots of postings on the subject that may provide the info you are looking for.


… it might be closer than you think. Many PDFs contain vector information, the trick is getting at it. Do you have a link to the specific bathymetric topo map you’re talking about?

Here’s an old thread (December 2017!) about the process and how it can be frustrating:

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The term is “bathometric” and they are hard to come by.


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You might want to check out the stunning lake maps made by @pubultrastar

bathymetric maps by @pubultrastar

My first try at a bathymetric map is in this post:

Topographic print + Bathymetric resin map

Use the search function using the term bathymetric (for water depth maps) and topographic (for land elevation maps).

We look forward to seeing what you come up with!


Is it for you or to try and sell?

Did a quick google search and added SVG and got this link. Looks kind of cool.

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