Toy Sword

Here’s a toy sword. I intend to eventually cut it out of foam once my GF arrives, but you could also make it out of wood.

It’s not as elaborate as some cosplay swords I’ve seen, but I wanted something “toyish” for the kids (plus I did not want to spend hours and hours on the design).

oneEigth.pdf (2.8 KB)
oneSixteenth.pdf (3.5 KB)
oneQuarter.pdf (4.6 KB)

There is one pdf per material thickness (1/4, 1/8 and 1/16 of an inch). The 1/16" could be done in 1/8" as well if you can’t find 1/16" material.

If you want to use different colors, you’ll have to decide which parts of each pdf to include in which color. I think it’s pretty straight forward which part is which in the design. If you have any questions, let me know.

The sword is only about 23" long, so it’s pretty short. But I wanted to be able to cut it on the GF without the pass-through feature. That’s pretty much the limit of a one piece sword. I could split the main piece in two, to make it longer. I’ll probably try that in a later design.

I don’t take any responsibility for any of your kids (or adults) that hit each other over the head!


Those are great! Is it just me, or does the red, black and orange make anyone else thing of the Eye of Sauron?


Those are fantastic! (And I’ve got “college-age” nieces and nephews that are weekend minstrels/actors for pocket money- they would love something like this to add to their costumes.) :slight_smile:


Great ideas!
Thank you for sharing.


That and a lil Viking helmet and my young one is set to conquer daycare. Awesome thanks.


That’s cool, I saw a video on tested a few weeks back and the foam sword reminded me of it. They build a helmet out of similar foam from those cheap foam floor tiles.

The guy sells his armor designs on his online store. You could make a helmet to go with the sword.


The kids and I are going to comic-con in October. I will be using that website so the kids can build their costumes. Thank you for posting it. Would be cool to cut all that out on the GF, maybe next year…lol


do they allow “weapons” at cons still? Had a friend telling me at Toronto Comic-con they were making everyone leave theirs at the door.

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I’ve only attended one and that was last fall. If they have rule changes, i’m not aware of them. I want to say people had weapons last year, but a lot has gone on since then so I can understand if they are banned now.

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The rules for each con are different. You should double check there policy on weapons before you go. If you are going to NYCC, then the info you want is here:


Gen-Con still does. Heck they sell them on the exhibit floor. :smile:


Thanks for the link.
we are hitting that in October.

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how do you intend to do the handle? i find the roundness of that a bit intimidating to pull off.

If you look at the svg file, you’ll see the handle is made up of a stack of round parts. They alternate between larger and smaller pieces to give it texture.


Ahhh ok. i see that now. I thought those were handle pieces but it didnt make sense in my brain… i see it now… the one set of circles is smaller and the other is larger… having them separated made that less obvious – very subtle, but adds a great look/detail. thanks again!

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Another way to tackle it is to purchase an oval dowel (or get an oversized round one and lots of sanding to get the shape you want). Then you can wrap it in leather cording all the way up. Tuck in the loose end and CA glue, and you are all set (this method will result in less pinching if you don’t get the alternating circles tight enough.


I’ve seen so many different threads on the proper settings for cutting through foam. Can you please tell me which settings you used for the 3 different sword pdfs you shared? Thank you in advance.

Settings can only be discussed in the Beyond the Manual section (per the GF lawyer) so you may want to ask this question over there…

The thing with any non-PG materials is they vary, you’re going to have to run some tests on the foam you have to know what the perfect settings are for you!

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Thank you. Actually, I have been running some test and I think I’ve found the magic numbers for what I am needing.


Glad to hear it, because I don’t remember off hand what the settings I used were. This was more than a year ago.

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