Trace image options?

I am trying to cut out a template for engraving. I want to know if it is possible to cut an shape out that i have traced? When I attempt to execute I am only allowed to engrave the cut option is not available. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance for the help.

Just to be sure, you are using the trace function in the GF ui?

not sure what you mean. I open the lid place my wood with the shape drawn on it and from the home page of the appglowforge site I select trace and follow instructions. Then I place the art but only the engrave option is available.

Yes that’s the trace function in the glowforge user interface, aka the GF UI.

I’m no expert in the use of the trace function, so someone might be along shortly to correct me, but I think that’s all trace does - engrave.

If you are trying to engrave and cut out, you should look into using a photograph or scan of your original art and then manipulate that for engraving and cutting like you would any other piece.

I’m getting the impression that you are new to all of this. The good news is that we all were so there’s definitely a lot of resources here to figure it all out. If you go through the tips and tricks section, there are a lot of getting started threads, including quite a few about engrave/cut. It’s a common question. I’ll see if I can find a good thread for you.


Here are a couple:


Yes. It’s been requested that they add a simple shapes cut outline, but so far you’ll need to upload one.

Luckily you can make a vector square/circle/whatever and use the upload button to get it into the same job as your trace and then cut out using that. You can also find basic shapes doing a search online. Here’s a circle and a square from wiki commons

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The trace function will also cut.


Oh wonderful - will you help @santiagoj006 then, that’s not something I’ve ever done!

I don’t use it (trace) very often…

But, you just click the white areas you want to cut away.


Definitely will allow you to cut and engrave.

Depends though on the image you are trying to trace, how the perimeters of the object work. An easy way around it is to have some vectors of different shapes ready to bring in after you have traced with the add art. That allows you to just use trace for engraving and then you can resize as needed.


Right click to download.


If you are not getting a cut line when you click in the white area outside a figure you are tracing, that most likely means that the figure is not closed (I.e., there are holes in the edges). You could try reinforcing the edges by widening the line with a Sharpie.


Thank you everyone for the swift reply. I received emails and replies to this post. Amazing support…
In case anyone was wondering I was trying to create a template to hold blank wooden business cards. They would move every so slightly when the laser would pass.

That would be the Head fan keeping the smoke from turning to flame as well as not blocking the laser itself. There is either spray adhesive or the more expensive sticky mats that will keep all the parts in place even when cut.

Just to add…so far this support is all users. Staff eventually gets here. :wink:

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