Trace Tool Alignment Error Question

In trying to use the Trace Tool to cut out art work inkjet printed on cardstock, the cut lines are about 1mm out of alignment with the artwork. I made a test template by printing a series of nested squares with largest square 4 inches on a side. The center of this was placed centered by eye under the camera. An Engrave was done and results show a 1mm offset for the engrave in the Northeast direction, where North is toward the back of the Glowforge.
I read somewhere that <= 0.25 inch alignment error meets current Glowforge specifications for the Trace Tool.
Is there any hope for getting improved trace alignment?

Yes. Your 1mm current error proves that - they used to be all 1/4" (6mm+) but they’ve been tweaking all the machines ever since. So you’re 6 times better than the standard :slight_smile:

They have said there are more improvements coming to keep tightening up the precision even more.


And in the meantime if object alignment is critical you could use the following method:

Or use a jig (just search “jig” in the forum, you’l find tons of examples).

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This is exactly what I need. Thank you!
I searched the forum using key word Trace Tool and missed your tutorial.

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Thanks @jamesdhatch and @cynd11. @brok09, please open a new thread if you have another question.