Tracing oversized images

Hello. I am new at using the Glowforge Pro and I am trying unsuccessfully to trace and oversized wood cutout (23x17) to make duplicates using the passthrough slot. Any help will be deeply appreciated.
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I really don’t think tracing things larger than a single bed size is supported. Plenty of work arounds though.


Will you share your work arounds.

Sure, but I’ll be pretty general as I don’t know what you are familiar with.

Take a photo from several feet back with a yardstick in the image.
Now import this into some type of art or cad program and trace what you need, then calibrate this using the yardstick in that photo.

Several steps, but it works. I use Fusion 360, but this would work in several programs.

If you use Fusion, there are lots of tutorials on this on YouTube.


that is what I use Gimp for. With a flat background like a white wall on the north side of a building, the shadows would be reduced. and if you can stand back and zoom in with a tripod or something steady there will be less parallax and thus less distortion. Then in Gimp you can modify the image as needed and turn any masking into vectors.

I laid out the method here…


Thank you

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Thanks, it is always good to know a second or third way to skin a cat.

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Yes, but don’t tell your cat that. It gives them nightmares.


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