Travertine Name Plates



So as you may remember when I initially got my PRU I made puzzle name placards for our Passover table, and figured still have the PRU and we have a large group coming over for Thanksgiving, so being inspired by @snarshad’s post I thought maybe travertine would look nice. So off to Home Depot I got a few boxes of Travertine tiles (I wanted 2x2 but they only had 4x4"), so did 3 passes at full power at 340dpi and it looks amazing. This engraves so crisply I am amazed at the level of detail it will hold. I then stuck felt pads on the back.

That is the :proofgrade: box at the top with my forever-forge which hopefully will arrive soon! About halfway done with the name plates…


These look great! A lovely solution for name plates or even coasters.


I plan some coasters for our conference room at work with our logo in them. We currently just have some agate ones from Pier One…


I’m really impressed with how clean the engrave is on this travertine. And, it engraved deeper than I would have expected, even with making multiple passes.


These are beautiful! Your family/guests will love them!


These are on my to do list as well. Don’t forget to use the little felt pads on the back!


Oh, very elegant! Going to have to hit the Depot! :grinning:


Those are the exact ones I bought (in store). They don’t stick super well to the Travertine since it’s somewhat dusty from the cutting process (the tiles seem to be diamond cut rather than water jet)


I think maybe even those little silicone dots that I use on the back of picture frames to keep them in place might be a good use here. They would keep the coasters from sliding around.


I’m having a hard time envisioning what you’re talking about. Forgive me if I’m being obtuse here, but could you humor me with a picture or link?


That’s what I use. The glue seems to be stickier on those as well. Otherwise a dab of silicone adhesive is easy.

@Drea I get them from Amazon:


Henry, I love what you did here. Very classy place cards for your guests. I am inspired.


Those are great Henry! With the texture of the material, it looks like it could be incised on an ancient Roman villa. The font choice fits that too! May I ask what it is? Very classy :sunglasses:
I am such a fan of natural materials, and have a distaste for anything made to look like something it’s not.


Been awhile since we played with tile, but if I remember right the Travertine was a bit soft and crumbled rather easily.

If buying by the box, I suggest looking inside first to see how many are cracked or broken.


No worries at all…sorry for being so cryptic. I could not think of the name of them. They’re cabinet bumpers. I used them on the backs of picture frames in the corners. They help the picture to grab the wall and not always slip around.

I’ve used some like these:

But the ones @jamesdhatch just listed are the same things. Really useful and unobtrusive.

(sorry about not linking…I’m at work and don’t often visit a lot of other sites. A lot of them are blocked.)


Exactly what I thought!

Have you been to the Getty Museum in LA? It’s an enormous building/complex of spaces clad almost entirely in travertine, and it feels so calming and beautiful. It’s the only museum I’ve been to that doesn’t give me what I call “museum fatigue”–that feeling an hour or so in to an art museum visit where you’re suddenly just whacked with malaise and need to sit down for a bit.


No, I haven’t had the pleasure. Just something majestic about it as a building material or furnishing.


1 pass at full power on a Pro made a very deep engrave on 10mm thick travertine tiles in four of the five types I bought at the Tile Shop. After a couple weeks the inside of the tile tried to escape out from the deep engraves. It will be interesting to see if yours do the same. With Thanksgiving only a week away, if you do happen to encounter the same issue, I don’t think it will manifest by then. If you try and reuse them for Hanukkah, :man_shrugging:

The very shallow engrave lines in the coasters I made appear to be growing sharper, as in looking better. It could just be me being hypersensitive and seeing things after my initial experience or it could be there is an old school Dr. Who creature living inside travertine.


It is Charlemagne STD (which Is an adobe font if I am not mistaken)


I imagine a little epoxy or contact cement can fix that.