Trouble connecting to wifi or hotspot "no internet, open"

Im having an issue connecting my Glowforge to the internet. I use my phone as hotspot (I also have wifi that it wont connect to) There is no interference, my hotspot/phone is right by the glowforge. the laptop that I’m using that’s connected to my phones hotspot is right by the glowforge too. I can use the internet just fine with my laptop using the phones hotspot, even went to the setup page for glowforge, followed the steps and when it tells me to pick the glowforge I do, it connects and says “no internet,open”. Then after I select my hotspot anyway it says “glowforge didn’t connect”.

This part is normal, the GF WiFi doesn’t connect to the internet.

As for the rest, try the steps in this video:

Hello @fatspottedappy, thanks for reaching out!

I extracted some logs from our end to investigate, and it looks like your unit is connecting to your network and to our servers successfully, but still needs to download and apply a necessary update. This may take several minutes.

Could you please do the following for me?

  1. Turn the Glowforge on (only use the switch on the back - there’s no need to push the button on the top of the Glowforge for these steps)
  2. Wait about three to five minutes
  3. Let me know if you see or hear any activity from the Glowforge.

If the Glowforge reboots and the printer head begins to move, please sign in at If you don’t see any motion or the Glowforge rebooting after ten minutes, please reply and let me know.

Thank you!

I also have followed these steps to a “T” and cant get beyond the screen that say’s “Connect Glowforge to WIFI”. I am not brought to a page that says set up is successful or anything stating setup is finished.

I also have computer close by, no external interruptions from any other sources. I have reset modem , followed every possible troubleshooting method


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I have also done as you have asked a previous glowforge owner and my machine never displayed any activity

@aharsh2010, please start a new thread in the Problems and Support area - it creates a ticket for you so that the support team will look into your logs. (They keep these tickets to one per person and you can be overlooked if you add on to another post. Plus it takes much longer. Start your own thread.)

This is not work. The printer head moved, and I followed directions, but it is still saying the Glowforge did not connect to wifi.

I have no idea what I did but It finally connected after 4 days of trying.

Hi @fatspottedappy It looks like you were able to fix your Wifi issue so I’m going to close this thread. If you still need help with this please either start a new thread or email