Trying to be patient

I am trying to be patient. Getting harder every day! Just saw a post of an email going to someone who ordered a basic on February 16. I ordered a basic on October 8th. No email. I am not mad someone is getting their glowforge, I am disappointed there seems to be no way of knowing even approximately when I will receive my email. No way to plan anything. I understand there is some secret sauce. If I had some idea what that sauce would be maybe I would have done something different. Venting!


I hope you get your email soon. You have some great plans for it and have stuck around for a long time.

The planning is a challenge especially if you are needing to take work off or doing vacation.


I suspect that once they start to get better after a few hundred, they’ll start getting more regular for everyone.


I ordered in September… also anxious to get mine, but happy for everyone who is getting the email. So many projects lined up!


One would hope so. I think they need to ship an average of about 95 a day, from this day, to hit their dates. As each day goes by when they ship less it goes up of course.

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I don’t really understand that either. I ordered Oct 30 2015 and do not expect to receive one anytime soon. However, I believe that if you gave up the money first then it should be coming in the order the money is paid, more of a first come first served.

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Lemme tell you… I now have a Glowforge and I have no idea why it’s me and not you. I wouldn’t try to apply too much logic to the shipping order… you’ll get a headache. But, please believe me when I tell you it’s worth the wait.

To help take your mind off of it, here’s a picture of some baby wolves frolicking in the snow…

Seriously, hang in there! Yours is being built as quickly as possible! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the cute wolves. But I’m sorry if I have to say - “really?”

Your quite lucky to have a machine and we all understand that, but to say “You’ll get a headache and look at these “wolves” instead Mr. dougwolfson.”

Not my idea of a condolence my friend, as a mater of fact, it sounds a bit insulting. Kind of like - “Hate that for you, but mine is awesome”

I ordered just before noon on the first day. I too am sadly waiting for my E-mail. it’ll come but the waiting is an act of endurance some days. But once I get the E-mail all this will be forgotten like a bad dream.


Sure thing!


I very much want and need my machine for a variety of purposes and while the wait has been excruciating I’m thinking of it like a giant super duper Christmas. I paid that thing off so long ago that in my kind this Glowforge will be “free!” It will show up like magic and I can finally get to making all the projects for my company that I’ve been sitting on, and those projects will earn money, so it’ll be like a giant fantastic parade of awesomeness.


I am waiting patiently as well and have no intentions of giving up. Mine has been paid off for a couple months now as well. Is more that I just don’t understand the thought process. By the time I get mine I will be on sea duty again and wont get to use it as much, so I hope my wife takes it and runs with it so that if there is anything wrong with it during the warranty period it can get fixed.


If the timing works out glowforge can be your secret santa in July?

Outstanding attitude! Nice counterpoint to some of the feelings people have about being abandoned. :slight_smile:


I feel you! I ordered a Basic + Filter on September 14… I think 3 hours in!

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September 24?

Yeah, sorry typo. On my phone. =)

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I appreciate you remembering what my plans are for the glowforge. I am excited, just confused about timing of deliveries.


I saw the same post on Facebook about a guy who ordered in February 2016 so I instantly came here. I thought this can’t possibly be true, someone who ordered AFTER the 30 day campaign is getting a production unit shipped to them? I hoped that it was just a troll teasing us.

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That post on Facebook was the reason I posted here. I wish someone from staff could shed light on this.

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