Trying to use the trace tool

I’m trying to cut out the center of a small book, to make a hiding place. My design is a simple oval. The Laser instead of going in one smooth motion all the way around it’s going back-and-forth and back-and-forth. Also it should only take a few seconds because it is very small and it’s taking 6 to 10 minutes. How can I get it to cut and one straight continuous line. Thank you .

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Most likely that’s because your oval is a filled oval line…not a ‘stroke’. In what program/app did you create the oval?


I made it using Microsoft word converting it to a PDF converting it to a JPEG


Hi Dave,

There are a couple of concepts you probably need to understand about designing for the laser. :slightly_smiling_face:

@Xabbess touched on them lightly…filled shapes are Engraved, which is the back and forth motion that you mentioned. It takes a long time. Cutting and Scoring happens when you create an unfilled shape in a drawing program and give it a stroke color, but no fill color. (More of that is discussed here: Laser Design Basics).

Inkscape is a free laser drawing program that a lot of people use to create their cutting shapes. You can find more information on how to get Inkscape and install it here: Introducing Inkscape

Once you have installed Inkscape, you can very simply use this tool to drag out an oval, give it a stroke color, and then save the file as a plain SVG file. That will give you an oval shaped cutting line.


You can position the oval on your book and change the Cut to a Score in the Glowforge interface, and you’ll be all set.

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Wow, amazing information that I really needed. I might have to tell my boss I’m not feeling well so I can go home and play with it. I’ll post the results but thank you very much.



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Great point I keep forgetting to remove it


Thanks for the answers @Jules and @Xabbess, that’s right. I’m going to close this thread - if you have another question, go ahead and post a new topic.