TShirt Printing Template

I thought I had seen one of these on here before, but I searched and searched over the weekend and couldn’t find it. So I designed my own. Let me preface it by saying that I have only recently begun sublimation printing, and have not even done a tshirt yet, so I have no idea if this will work or not. But I saw some online, so apparently the idea is sound. YMMV. Again, haven’t tested it, so if any other people out there want to give it a try and see if it works, let me know. Also, adding the zeroes so it will show up. I am not sure what that will do when you “Save As”, since there are actual measurements on this. If you want to make sure it is sized correctly, the outer rectangle should be 16x5 inches.



Thank you. I am sure this will be useful for lots of people.


Thanks!! My daughter is wanting me to cut her some templates for some leather projects she’s doing. I’m assuming it will look similar to this!


Great share! Very generous and useful!


Looks good, thanks for sharing. LMK if you want the file for my own t-shirt T ruler.

If you’re making a lot of copies of the same kind of shirt, I found this method to be super helpful. It can take a little while to make the cardboard template just right, but once you have it, it makes placing the design much much faster.

I never shared pics of newer versions…

The transfer goes under the ruler, with the top of the art matching the cutouts in the cardboard. I put a tiny bit of repositionable adhesive under the ruler to barely hold the transfer in place. Not too much… you don’t want residue on top of the transfer. But you should be pressing with a Teflon sheet so nothing gets on your platen anyway.

The ruler is sized so that when the top touches the bottom center of the neckline, the design has the right vertical placement. I use the ruler marks to get it centered side to side relative to the sleeve seams. (Or, like the templates in the thread above, I might use a weird shape to help center things.) Then, I hold the transfer down with one hand and peel the ruler up and off. Then it’s ready to press.

What your template looks like will depend on your design and the garment, but this should give you something to think about.


You’re a gem and this is very helpful! I was gearing up to design one for myself, and this has saved me a lot of time and effort.


Noice. Thanks.

Thank you for sharing!


This is extremely helpful!!! Thank you very much!!!

thank you

How can I download your file? Please and thsaangajie for your help in advance.

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Right click on the line drawing beneath the text in the first post and save image as svg on your computer.

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Same here. How do I download it?

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Right click the illustration under the text in the original post and save image as svg to your computer.


Thanks! My husband just requested some shirts.