Tsuro Board


Inspired by @kyle post My turn, My turn! The first cuts
And waiting for paint to dry I made this today.

Proofgrade maple plywood, 1/4" acrylic, some brown spray paint and acrylic color paint. The file I got off the web was a bit cluttered so I broke it down in Inkscape and changed up the colors to make all the cuts and scores easier in the gfui. The game pieces I drew and added a letter for each member of our family, they were too hard to tell apart (bad font choice) so I colored in the engraving.

My First Cuts! Pocket Tsuro and Pet Name Tag

The game of paths!!! That’s amazing. Upgrading some of my board games is high on the list of my projects :slight_smile:


Nicely done! :grinning:


This is fantastic! Can’t wait for mine to come - so many ideas for game upgrades!


So good! Love the pieces! Glad I was of some inspiration!


Fantastic Job!


Absolutely love this board game upgrade! :heart_eyes:


Nice job! Love your acrylic game pieces. Adding this game to the list.