My turn, My turn! The first cuts



Well she’s up and running and I’ve been playing with everything I can get my hand on. Aluminum and Paper have been a challenge, the :proofgrade: is the real MVP, that draft board is like butter. Got some cheap wood rounds from the hobby lobby, must be pretty soft wood cause wow does the forge eat through it. Creates some great depth, :proofgrade: settings are nice but starting to like having more control. Engrave of my wife was really too low rez, gunna try again sunday.

Game called Tsuro

Maple & Walnut for a friend

Wanted to show off her Vitiligo nothing showing but people are sensitive i suppose…

for DM screen for D&D

:proofgrade: leather, aluminum and hobby lobby wood

Obligatory Founders Ruler

My First Cuts! Pocket Tsuro and Pet Name Tag
Tsuro Board

Fun puzzle!


Its actually a board game called Tsuro. I haven’t made the game pieces for it yet but the object is to take turns putting down a tile with the path on it, your piece and any piece the path touch have to move to the end of it, if you go off the board, or collide with another player you’re out. Last person on the board wins. how to play


All very nice. Love the puzzle.

You might want to add the click to un-fuzz feature to your wife in case someone is feeling extra prudish.


Nothing showing but if you really think so Ill add it.


I’m with you, it is just that while we have one thing in common (creative) there is a lot of mix in sensitivities.

Nicely done portrait if you ask me.


Wow, awesome first cuts! For that photo, be sure to check out the tutorials in Glowforge Tips and Tricks–it’s pretty nice but you can improve it by going for extreme contrast I think.


Thank you! will do.


Great job on all of those projects! I really like that engraved wallet! :grinning:


Thank you! Leather has been my favorite so far, minus the smell.


I hear that. I’ve only cut it once. :smile:


Haven’t heard of Tsuro before … looks like something we’d like.

You have some very interesting first projects. Well done!


I love Tsuro! Is the source file you cut the pieces from readily available?

I’ve been thinking of making a supersized version where people can be their own game pieces - but I’m thinking my glowforge bed is a mite too small to cut people sized pieces (yes, I’m standing on some of the proofgrade wood trying to convince myself otherwise. nope . . .dangit, should have gotten the PRO!)


All your projects look great! I love Tsuro as well and made my own tiles a while back. But yours are much nicer! You’re making me want to make another set.


You’ve made such a diverse set of projects! Can’t wait to see what you come up with for Tsuro game pieces.


Tsuro is a great game and that board looks awesome! Great job all around!


Here is an instructable that I found for Tsuro


I used this site To modify the colors then traced it in illustrator. I glued the cut out board to another board with some round finger holes so the pieces can be stored in place and popped out to play.



Tsuro! Love that game!

I’ve been playing the game on iPad for the past few months - no idea there was a board game before it!




There is also a Tsuro of the Seas board game that adds to the game a bit!

-I’m a complete board game nerd