Tube has no liquid and no visible leaks or any damage at all

I was printing fine yesterday when all of the sudden the machine stopped. It showed project paused on the computer screen. I proceeded to turn off the GF, unplugged it and checked. I noticed nothing out of the ordinary. I tried to fire it up again, it went through the usual steps of centering, scanning and ready to print, but when I hit the magic print button, it wouldn’t do anything. I turned it off again and proceeded to recheck it all over. Cleaned the lenses, inspected the cables and all and nothing. Now that I check it again, I noticed there is no liquid in the tube. No leaks, no damage in the tube whatsoever. I have no clue where the liquid went, it was weird because the tube usually shows small tiny bubbles when the machine starts, but nothing at all this time. I am supper careful with this machine and have done the proper cleanings. Not a whole lot of engraving or cutting since I do mostly scoring. Any advise would be appreciated. T


When the system is functioning as normal, you cannot tell there is fluid in the tube. “Bubbles” are abnormal. They usually dissipate after the first few minutes of operation from new.


Trust me, I am with you on that, but I checked and looked carefully. There is literally no liquid inside. It looks gone or evaporated ~if that is possible.

If it leaked, it would be all over the floor of the machine.


I know. I just added a short video. The machine is dry and looks perfect, just no liquid in the tube.

As previously stated, when performing normally, it is impossible to tell the coolant is there.

If it leaked, it would be all over the floor of the machine. It can not evaporate from the sealed system (and that would take weeks or months.)


Yup. That’s what mine looks like.

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One possibility if it did leak is that it was on the side where the reservoir is. That is separated from the rest of the bed. You could check there.

If it was printing fine yesterday it’s highly doubtful that’s what happened but it’s something to check.


Trust me I get it. Liquid goes somewhere if it is not contained, but i am not sure what to make of this since I see it clearly there is no liquid. I even asked my husband to check it and he does not see it neither. Even with no bubbles in the past, I was able to see liquid, but this time the tube feels hollow. No signs of cracks or anything else I could think of. Very frustrating. TY

Looks pretty normal to me, too. Bubbles in it every time was abnormal, so maybe it’s not bubbling anymore and that’s why it looks different?


Everyone gets a bit weirded out looking like that. Not being able to see much is not a problem. Being able to see it half full is a real problem, and before you can see empty it has to get to half full, and even then there would be traces of drops.


Have owned mine more than 4 years. No matter how close I look the liquid is completely invisible and looks bone dry. That is normal. The only time I have noticed any bubbles or liquid movement was after first use or not using the GF for months. If the liquid leaked below what is necessary to cool the tube you would get a warning button light.


EASY solution, There is a container on the left side (under the cover) WITH THE POWER OFF, open the cap (screws off) and dip a finger in, the container should be about 1/2 full



Thank you everyone for your input. I literally have checked it many times. I tried firing it up a few minutes ago and once it starts centering, there is almost like a semi-loud thumping noise as if the frame was derailed and the machine tries to adjust it. It comes from the left side. I checked the rails and when I move it myself , it flows as it should, but still not working. I know you mentioned the liquid appears to be there, but I stand behind saying there is none. I had this machine for over 2 years and I know how the fluid inside the tube looks and feels, This time, the tube feels hollow. Thank you, hopefully I get some resolution from GF support.

BTW you can MAKE coolant at home (at the bottom of THIS thread it shows you how)

Made on a FrankenForge :troll: Now with a Pass Through!

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Keep in mind that the machine checks your coolant and so if you do not have coolant then you would be getting an orange button. It does not sound like you are getting an orange button and so your machine has coolant. You can also read your logs to check.

Also, you can remove the left side panel and open the coolant top and see that there is coolant in there.

One final option to check if you have coolant, you could move the machine around enough to displace the coolant and then you will see your bubbles again when you power back up and it purges.

From looking at your photos/video and your posts, you do have coolant in your machine.

I am thinking this is your print head focusing and then tension being put on the belt. Nothing to do with coolant. In fact, if you did not have coolant then the machine would give an orange button right away and not even proceed to print head focusing and the tension.


That does not sound like a coolant problem. I do understand how easy it is to get off the rails (pun not intended haha) while troubleshooting. I seem to do this frequently with other things lol. But if the coolant was the problem, you would be having a different symptom.


Thank you everyone. After troubleshooting, it was determined It needs to be fixed (button light would not turn teal when trying to reset it). Since there is a wait of about 8 weeks to get it serviced, I decided to opt for a refurbished unit arriving today. Can’t wait! Thank you for all your help.


But was there coolant? :wink: