Tutorial: How to cut without the Crumb Tray (Honeycomb)

I am very much a visual person…and this graphic proved it better than all…I immediately understood so thank you soooooooooooo very much!! This made all the difference in the world!


You’re welcome and this makes me very happy to hear and I’m glad it helped. :heart: I’m a visual learner as well so it’s how I tend to explain things as.


OMG Did this work? :star_struck:

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I so had never thought of that … and there is a couple of tubs conveniently located in the same room… wonder if my adult son would notice if a handful appeared inside the GF? I’ll probably be disinherited…if that’s a thing.



And now thanks to John Saunders at NYCCNC we have a machinable LEGO removal tool:


Got the Lego version of that in a ship model last year. Never needed it before & still haven’t used it.

Thanks - I just did my first engrave on a box I made and forgot to engrave before I made it ‘a box’. This worked a dream.

haha, been there done that. it’s why in my CNC milling class I took, one of their hints was leave yourself a reference point that you an touch off of if you have to redo machining operations. They always recommended the top geometric center since the part will always have one of those regardless of what you’ve cut away. I can’t tell you the number of times I get “done” and realize, oh yeah, skipped that step didn’t I…


Thank you so much for those of us that are artists and not good at math!!!

Wouldn’t everyone’s crumbtray be the same?

No. There have been changes.

Brilliant! Thanks for the tips!

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Thank you

So If I understand right, if I put in a 3/4" on the bottom and put my 3/4" material to be printed, then the setting would be 1/4" on manual because it is 1/8" higher than your shim measurements?

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That will put you in the focus range of the head (1/2"), but use “Set Focus” on the surface before you position the file/artwork.

Or simply measure the height, and enter it manually.

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I would recommend folks might want to check out: