Two issues no power and head won’t move

Hi! My 1 month glow forge head will no longer move I’ve done all trouble shooting on my end found in these forums.
Also got a 2nd new glowforge today plugged it in. It worked for a hour then it shut off and won’t turn back on we have moved it to several different power outlets no luck.
They are on a designated circuit

Lights are on in the first one?

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It sounds like two different problems on the two machines.

To eliminate issues on the first machine, run through the tests suggested in the link below. (Even if you’ve already done them once, do them again just to make sure. Sometimes a temporary outage with your service provider will cause the machine to hang up.)

Let support know the specific results of the tests at that link. It will help them to diagnose the issue.

Unfortunately, for the second machine, it sounds like it might be a power supply failure. That is not something you can fix, so for now, just unplug it and wait to hear from support. Sorry, but I can’t think of anything you can test for that one.

Yes it makes noise like it’s going to move but it just hums and stays on homing for up to a 30 minutes

I got a notification that the system had an issue yesterday. Has yours resolved? If not, have you ever heard from tech support?

Still issues no power to one at all and we moved it everywhere and the other turns on but hums no movement

Have not heard from support at all yet :frowning:

Have you ruled out wifi issues? Mine does this when my wifi is out or have no internet connection.

Yes sir. 5g here

The :glowforge: only works on 2.4g, so that’ll be your problem. Generally you can force it to use 2.4g even on a 5g system - but some routers won’t allow it.

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The one not moving has worked for over a month. :sob:

@alexnjackiesmith I’m so sorry to see you’ve run into trouble - I’m here to help!

Thanks so much for letting me know which troubleshooting steps you’ve taken for both problems. Regarding your second machine, I’m afraid that power fault is something we won’t be able to repair in the field with parts. I recommend we make a warranty replacement. I’ll be in touch via email shortly with more details.

Regarding your first machine’s trouble centering, I’ve extracted the logs from that unit, and I do have a couple of things to try.

During calibration, the lid camera finds the Printer Head by taking a series of images. There are a few different reasons this error may be occurring. Please walk through the steps below to get back on track.

Once you’ve had a chance to perform these troubleshooting steps, turn on your Glowforge and let it try the calibration again. If you are still having trouble, let us know.

We tried it.

It still does not work

It looks like Gary is following up with you via email as well. We’ll be replying there shortly with further instructions.

I’m going to close this thread out now.