Understanding how the laser interprets files

All, I have been searching all over and I can not find a very lengthy article about how the laser (software) understands different file formats. So I am asking the community for assistance. This article went into depth about why you can’t engrave bitmaps, how you can use different stroke colors to define different cuts. It was awesome. Anyways I forgot to bookmark the post. Basically it was a article for the novice to completely understand about how the laser interprets files. TIA

edit I will re word the question. My mistake

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You will want to look at how vectors differ from bitmaps and jpegs. Vector files are what svg’s are made from which is the main file format used by most lasers

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I think you have the details a little backwards, you can only engrave bitmaps, not cut them.

Sounds like this may be what you need, check out #1:

And this:


Actually SVGs are more like folders… They can contain vectors and/or bitmaps. Also, they are basically XML files.


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