Uniquely generated Maze Coasters

No problem! :slight_smile:

I used this in my maze icosahedron:

And my two sided maze “coaster”:

There are just so many ways to apply these things.

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Very cool! Love hoe these turned out

I can get from the center to the outside edge. I guess having a specific spot would make it more directed - but this way you can pick your spot and see if you can get to it :slight_smile:

The mazes are fully connected. Pick any two cells and you can find a path between them.

Actually, I’d think the correct answer is to get someone else to lift the glass…
which means in your question, if you asked how YOU would get it, I would lift the glass for you and offer you the coin. Not only solving the “problem” but also presenting myself also presenting myself as one willing to do tasks (ie work) for you… but then, I’ve not interviewed for a job for a very long time, so perhaps that’s not what you’re looking for. :wink:

As stated, you might wish that “without touching the glass or the table” means you, specifically. But no, it’s a general statement about the glass and table being touchable. Having someone lift the glass for you doesn’t meet the rules.

Curious, what library did you use to create the SVGs? (assuming you used one!)

@jazzychad mentioned it in his original post.

That’s not what I’m looking for - that’s just how he creates them. I’m wondering what underlying software library he used in his programming efforts to create the SVGs.

Sorry, my bad. However @bill.m.davis is the resident guru on SVG generated output, his

Marble Run

was entirely generated with code directly. You might want to PM message him about this.

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you don’t need a library. just a text editor.

I got a book on the svg spec from amazon.

I have fooled with it a little but other more pressing projects have slowed me down.

I am planning on making an automated program to create a drill bit holder as one example.

Yeah, I am trying to break that habit of coding all my SVGs by hand, it is just to slow.

I used a javascript program to generate the gears in that design.

My latest project has taught me to use Inkscape more, but it still has as XML editor to allow me to “refine” the coordinates if I choose to.

I have used javascript to create an manipulate a lot of different SVGs.


I didn’t use any library, just generated the SVG markup “by hand” in the code since it is pretty straight forward (only needing lines and arcs).

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Ok…now I kinda want to learn how to code for this.

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JavaScript is probably one of the easier languages for coding, and it is amazing at manipulating an SVG object on an HTML page. I have had quite a bit of fun doing this. But after I got my :glowforge: SVG became more than just a picture on a website. Now they are tools to guide the laser! The more precise you can control them, the more precise your control of your laser can be!