Universal Stamp Handle

I got the Universal Stamp handle in the catalog and it mentions making the stamp in thick acrylic? Has anyone made a stamp using thick acrylic then used the stamp to stamp in ink. I see wax, leather, etc. but only one with ink. If you have done it please show me some examples and share your experience.

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and more



Were you sending a link to the stamp you did? When I click the link it takes me to closed posts…

The first is a link to a specific post by Geek2Nurse, the second is a link to a search which gets you lots of posts from people who have made acrylic stamps…not sure what you mean by “closed”.



Even if a post is closed, you can read all of the information.


I want to see what the stamps look like I wasn’t looking for info on how to make I just want to see the end result…

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The links show the stamps - this post is in the list. It has pictures: Acrylic Wax Seal Stamp

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Ok so let me explain this another way. I would like to see an acrylic stamp end result stamped with ink… I see wax I see leather but I dont see acrylic and ink…

Ah, yeah, that’s a different question! It’ll still be in one of those posts, but a little harder to find.

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Hmm - someone talks about possible issues here:

Ah hah! Here’s one:


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