Unofficial tag line contest - what you liked

Continuing the discussion from Unofficial tag line contest:

I finally got a chance to go through that whole thread and pull out any post which got 5 or more likes. At this point I am going to formally request some assistance from the staff at Glowforge in choosing a winner at their leisure. Obviously they are free to use whatever criteria they desire, and are under no obligation to explain themselves should they choose badly. :slightly_smiling:
(paging @dan, @bailey, @Kusmeroglu, and any one else whose username I should know!)

I am going to get started on the prize and will post some pictures of my progress. Maybe if I get my Glowforge before I am done I can use it to etch the winning tag line on pin! (not holding my breath or anything)

Thanks for ALL the great suggestions, and thanks to the good people of Glowforge for your help!








I’m partial to “No you don’t understand. I have a laser.” with “Drop Dead Forgeous” a close second


Thanks @aeva, sorry for not including you on the reply list! :disappointed:
(we need a staff directory somewhere…) ?

Nah I think @jkopel just doesn’t like you :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m for drop dead forgeous

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Sorry @jordanloshinsky , the voting/liking for non Glowforge staff has CLOSED. (no way I am going through that whole thread again :confounded:)

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And of course I like @aeva, not only does she have mad engineering skills, but she learned them at my alma mater. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I’m partial to Set your lasers to fun and Drop dead forgeous, because I love the interplay of violence and frivolity, which really is what Glowforge is all about.



I love “That’s Going in the Hopper” (probably because I work with Dan everyday) but the marketing brain in me in gravitating towards “Art at the speed of light”. Although maybe I’d alter it to “Make at the speed of light” or something that’s less art-centric.

So, I think Drop Dead Forgeous gets my 2nd vote.


My favorite is by far:

Art at the speed of light

Followed by:

That’s Going In The Hopper™


May the Forge be with you

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I have to say that all things are possible with an inch and a half has an innuendo that clashes with the public community ethos of the Glowforge project. Funny enough for forum kicks but if we really are crowdsourcing a motto that the Company can endorse this would fly.

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I don’t disagree, but to be clear… I never planned for this to be more than a forum game. Nor did I expect that Glowforge would ever use these in any official capacity. To quote myself :wink::

they are free to use whatever criteria they desire, and are under no obligation to explain themselves should they choose badly


Well, then, let it be. It’s very clever and original.

(Not sure I knew how to spell innuendo or define ethos) Trust me, never took myself seriously a day in my life, certainly don’t want anyone else to. Wasn’t intended as a worthy entry. :relieved:

Since that was my tag line…and you are correct about the art-centric part, perhaps alter to just 'create at the speed of light.


Not sure that post vote edits are in the rules, but since you seem to be winning, I will allow it.
This time.

I wasn’t trying to sneak it in…it was mostly just in agreement with Bailey’s observation about it being art-centric. Sorry, you caught me…er um… :flushed: :grin: (it can certainly stay as originally written)


The problem I see with Drop Dead Forgeous is that if someone isn’t familiar with the originating idiom, they may think that it’s some sort of slangy insult to Forge users. Y’know, try it with a Brooklyn gangster accent…