UPS lost my Glowforge!

My Glowforge was supposed to be delivered today, but the last time it was scanned in the UPS system was at their Lathrop, CA hub on Nov 30. It looks like it hasn’t left that facility. Here’s my OP on the subject;

I opened up an investigation with UPS, but they said they were unable to contact the shipper, so I decided to post here as well.

I got the crumb tray, though :slight_smile:


Ditto, except I got a mattress today that UPS claims is my GF.

Opened a thread, emailed GF support and opened a case with UPS.

Hoping for a quick resolution for all of us victims of UPS.


I just got an email from support that they are working to send me a new GF asap. Hope this will be a quick hiccup for us all!


Do you think I should send support an email? I’ve heard that starting a thread on here is the same as opening a ticket with support.

I did both. Started a thread an hour before the email and my email was answered first.

Unfortunately, I’m at work and getting ready to go into a staff meeting. I won’t be able to email support for a few hours :slightly_frowning_face:

It has equal visibility as the email, and I sure they will reach out to you on email to resolve this as quickly as possible.

Same thing here. The crumb tray box arrived at my local depot a little while ago. The GF tracking says it’s still in Lathrop CA. I was proactive and marked mine as pickup at my local depot as soon as it showed up in UPS tracking on 12/01.

Later that day UPS tracking said it was ready for pickup at the Lathrop, CA depot even though it had the correct depot in Richmond, VA listed. I called UPS about this and they removed the pickup at depot request because they thought a UPS worker read the order wrong.

As of right now, the 79 lb GF box shows nothing past arrival at Lathrop, CA on 12/01. I hope that it just missed getting scanned as it was loaded on the truck and will get scanned when it arrives at its next transfer.

When mine shipped the little box tracked all the way up the coast and the big one stayed the entire time in Lanthrop, CA. At least that is what tracking said, but then they both arrived at my UPS depot and said ready for pickup the same morning.

My theory is that since the little box is labelled “1 of 2” or “2 of 2”, some folks just scanned one or the other of them, but they actually traveled together in my case. Many people have had them delivered separately though.

So,I opened a ticket with UPS and it looks like they found it in Laurel, MD. I was hoping that somebody at the Lathrop hub had missed the departure scan and my GF would be delivered on time, but at least it’s in the area and I should get it tomorrow. Maybe…


That’s what I’m hoping happened too.

I just have to wait until the depot opens in the morning and they say it’s ready for me to pick up.

I’m sorry that you’re having a frustrating time tracking your Glowforge with UPS @cobymom .

We want to make sure it reaches you! If you continue to have trouble with your shipment, please let us know.