Urgent question for customers in germany

Hi there,

someone called the customs here in germany. They told us that if there is no CE-Seal on the package they will not let the GF pass and even destroy it. So we are rather worried about that fact and that we lose all the money and have no GF on our Desktop. Most of us are thinking about cancelling the order.

This is an urgent request to the GF-Team to get the CE-Seal for the machine… please…


thats my question too … its urgent …for all european countries !!!

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Its not that urgent. They wont ship until next year, and you can cancel anytime before they ship to you. If you recently ordered that might be next summer. Plenty of time to get a CE marking.

But I agree. This must be sorted out.

@maghog is correct, but more specifically, you can cancel up until when you give them your ship-to address.

I know that but first of all… I don´t want to quit I want my GF here :). And second is that we all put the money in our order instantly. Believe me I have hundreds of ideas what else to do with it, if it turns out that we cannot import it to europe.

If you need to have the user manual translated into german I am willing to try that. You have to put a user manual in the box for the country you send it to. And there are some more things to do to get CE-Seal. Maybe, if you find out what it is, I can help with more than translating ??!!??
I am sure many of my customer colleagues here in europe are willing to help because we all want the machine on our desktops :smile:

It´s sort of crowd-certification…

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I’ll help with the Swedish translation if needed. Crowdtranslation is now a thing. :smiley:


I’ll help with english translation. Ta in advance


@dan has said In another thread that they plan to get it certified: Is Glowforge CE Certified?

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