User guide as a PDF

Hi guys!

I am thrilled to get my GF and I hope that you can send the user guide via e.g. via email as PDF-file or download it from your website when it’s available.

Probably I’am too exited after the machine has been arrived and no time to read the manual. But before I have the machine; I will have a lot of time to read it. Thx! :smile:


I second that motion! :slight_smile:


For a second there @Mantynen I thought you were talking about your girl friend :wink: haha

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If someone has a manual for them - let us all know!


Excellent idea! I love the notion of making instructional materials available ahead of our shipping.


I know you are extremely busy, but even better if that manual would be also in video format (at least quick steps for preparations and how to start using the machine).

Sometimes later you should have “Glowforge University” or similar; where you will share all the best practices, tips&tricks how to get out the maximum value from this state-of-the-art machine.

I will be that your fans will do this anyway in Youtube which will be great and inspirational.


I personally hate having to watch a 5 minute video for 3 seconds of screen time that might make me have to go watch another 5 minute video when a 10 second glance at words or a still picture would get me on my way so much quicker.

Not that videos are bad. but they aren’t substitutes for a good reference manual.

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I would also like to see the software launched ahead of time, even if its only a week. So I can play with the interface and figure out how to design parts with it.

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Great point. If we wind up needing more people for usability tests than we can persuade to drop by the office, maybe we’ll do some remote testing with all of you here. : )


Count me in please! I really like the sound of getting to try the software remotely before shipping. I also dig getting the manual early. Please make use of your built in pre-order test staff.

I know I’m late to the party, but I wanted to add my voice to this request. I’m unfamiliar with CNC lasers, which is why I’m so excited about the user friendly promise of the glowforge.

I have maybe a dozen 3D models that I’ve created in Sketchup that I’m hoping to cut, but I’m not sure how to prepare them for the GF. I figured I’d upload the 2D version into AutoCAD, but I don’t know how to indicate cut depth for those areas that I plan to create deep engraving/shallow cutting - for example, if I want to create a lip at the top of a piece of 1/4 wood that is 1/8 inch deep, easy to see in 3D, but how I would indicate that in a 2D model that GF could read? I would love to be more familiar with the grey-scale method that I’m reading about and how to implement it before I get my machine.

Did I mention HOW EXCITED I am to get my GF?!

Count me In !! I would love to be part of the reviewers.

Count me in too

You can add me to the list too. It will be fun getting to play around with the GF after having spent time using an industrial laser and working on/with CNC robotic welders.

Count me in. I’m new to laser cutters and making things using va computer. I’ve always made everything by hand. Totally excited about what this could do.

Yes please, I know I will not get my GF right away, but having the manual early so I can study it would be wonderful, Thank you

ITS very important to have a USER MANUAL asap

Based on other threads, I think there is still a lot of tweaking/finalization going on with gui and software…I rather get something closer to shipping vs 10 pages of errata.
Overall will be interesting how version control will be handled with post GF ship software updates…


I have a feeling that the GF will come with safety notes and everything else will be F1 from the interface.

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Honestly the best possible option. You cannot use the machine without having the interface and internet, and with a pure digital manual, you don’t have to worry about anything being out of date. Safety warnings never change, and I am pretty sure are mandated to be print form anyway.