Using spray paint as a resist for etching metal

There have been some great posts here about etching metal, so I tried it out. Finally had the time to write up the process on my blog.

Note: copper is reflective! See @martin.anderson’s note below.


Neat technique, etching - with the detail of a laser :sunglasses:
I remember scratching away asphaltum and the mess of that work. That is one avenue I haven’t used the forge for… Yet


Looks great!

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Just a quick reminder that copper is a nigh-perfect mirror for CO2 lasers, so there’s a risk of the beam bouncing off the copper and back into the laser head (which is bad), so take care?

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Excellent, I was thinking of trying that to make brass plates for plaques to present to people.


Thanks! I added a warning to this post and my blog.